U.S. 7th Army Symphony Orchestra Web Page Personal Data

For a long time, there was a form on this page to assist in the sending of personal data. Over time, it was discovered that it did not work very well with some mail systems. Therefore, the form is no longer being used and we ask that you send your personal data via regular e-mail, to

Chris Earnest

Please include your name, instrument, current occupation, e-mail address, street address (optional), the dates of your service in the orchestra, your last military rank, and as much biographical data as you care to send. If you are busy at this time, a skeleton entry could be made for you, with more info to follow later. No one is ever listed on this site without permission, so if you don't send your data, you won't be listed, even if we know where you are.

I will send you an acknowledgement when I receive your data, usually within 24 hours.

Thanks for your cooperation. CPE