Over 600 people were members of the 7th Army Symphony during its 10 year existence. It has not been possible to locate all of them, and the missing ones are listed here. They are still a mystery after several years of searching.

There are members who are not listed on the "Personnel" Roster and are also not listed on this page. This is because we have a good idea of where they are, but they have not responded to inquiries. This is a voluntary Web community, and no one will be listed without their explicit consent.

Without your help, this list is likely to remain a long one. If you have information about any of the people on this page, please advise the 7ASO webmaster.

Adams, Harvey (Bassoon)
Adley, Earl (Bass)
Andersen, James (Trumpet)
Anderson, Carl (Bassoon)

Barkham, Jerry (Flute/Picc)
Bautista, Marcario (Violin)
Bingham, Theodore H (Bass)
Bishop, David (Trumpet)
Blethroad, James K (Viola)
Boleans, James T (Cello)
Bouchard, Roland E (Unclassified)
Broadhurst, James (Bassoon)

Campbell, Willard (Horn)
Carpenter, Mark G (Unclassified)
Carter, David (Bass)
Carter, Fred (Bass)
Choset, Franklin (Asst. Cond)
Cohen, Norman (Trumpet)
Cook, James (Horn)
Cooper, David (Percussion)
Cox, Marvin (Percussion)
Cram, Jack (Trombone)

Daniels, Roger W (Bass)
Davis, Jesse L (Percussion)
Dixon, Kenneth (Viola)
Domino, Anthony (Violin)
Duffey, Albert (Percussion)

Erickson, Robert J (Violin)

Fahringer, William (Violin)
Folks, Stephen (Violin)
Foster, Lawrence (Violin)

Goodman, Harvey (Violin)
Graham, George (Viola)
Greene, Robert A (Bassoon)
Gross, Francis (Violin)

Haak, Robert (Trumpet)
Hansbrough, Claude (Admin)
Hass, Paul (Trombone)
Hyland, William (Trumpet)

Israel, Armand (Violin)

Jacobs, Alan K. (Oboe/EH)

King, Charles (Violin)
Kopf, Martin (Violin)
Krapfl, Gary L (Kraft) (Unclassified)

Latimer, James (Percussion)
Lazar, William (Cello)
Lewis, Thomas E (Conductor)
Long, Ralph (Clarinet)
Lovell, Donald (Trombone)
McKin, Alan Z (Unclassified)
McPherson, Donald (Violin)
Maguire, Frank (Escort Officer)
Maynard, Roy (Percussion)
Miller, Anthony (Violin)
Mimkovich, Nicholas (Clarinet)
Miranda, Frank (Violin)
Mobley, William (Conductor)
Molina, Francisco (Violin)
Moore, James M L (Violin)
Moore, Paul (Violin, Tuba)
Moseley, David B (Clarinet)

Norell, Byron M (Horn)

O'Brien, James B (Viola)

Parker, John (Bass)
Pecht, Levi A Jr (Unclassified)
Perlee, Charles R (Piano/Perc)
Pointer, Albert (Viola)
Polland, Elliot (Viola)

Rabich, Joseph (Perc.)
Raiguel, Philip B (Violin)
Rio, James (Violin)
Rose, Ronald H (Violin)

Sass, Eugene (Trombone)
Skaransky, Vincent (Violin)
Smith, Peter (Percussion)
Spicer, Ronald D (Piano)
Staton, Robert G (Horn)
Staufbar, Charles (Clarinet)
Stephan, Walter (Bass)
Stout, Keith (Viola)

Talley, Charles H (Horn)
Toullis, Antonio C (Horn)

Vance, Richard (Trombone)
Vaughn, Robert (Flute/Piccolo)

Wabiszczewicz, Olgierd (Violin)
Watson, Bill (Flute/Piccolo)
White, William (Violin)
Wilson, Franklin M (Violin)

Yalanis, Thomas (Violin)
Yelvington, James A (Tuba)
Younger, Robert (Violin)

Zamierowski, Paul S (Violin)

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