Meet the proprietors of the Eclectic Café

Proprietor Ron
Ron scans the café for customers.
(Photo by NR, Paris, March, 2000)
Proprietor Nancy
Mrs. Ron chooses to relax
(Photo by RR, Paris, March, 1996)
Running the Eclectic Café is extremely gratifying, even though it exists only in cyberspace. Here we can hold forth on subjects that are dear to us. We know that our clientele is small, but that does not deter us - sometimes people even read the articles!
Ron and Nancy met in New York City in 1966, and married later that year.

but, Years Ago. . . . .

Chief Grizzly Bear
Ron came from a long line of mavericks.
Here he is with great-great uncle,
Charlie (Chief Grizzly Bear) Smith,
(Chief Scout of the Pittsburgh Territory -
took first closeup photo of a mountain goat).
Nancy Jo
Nancy visits her grandmother in Canton, Ohio
Even today, she has a collection of pocket books.