Gaffney, Bill '52 - '54 OBOE, ENGLISH HORN
Deceased (This entry dated 10/26/08)
Born 9/7/31, Chicago. U.S. Army, 2/6/51. Charter member of 7ASO.
1957 San Antonio Symphony
1958-59 Lyric Opera of Chicago
1960-61 Baltimore Symphony
1961 American Ballet Theatre
1961+ NYC - American Symphony Orch., Harkness Ballet
1978-98 Long Island Philharmonic
4/16/66 married Judith Resnick, Flutist.
Bill passed away on October 20, 2008.

Gano, Peter W. 1/61 - 5/62 BASS
SP 4
Currently: Chairman, Music Dept., Grace College. Winona Lake, Indiana
At the end of the orchestra, I was assigned to the 7th Army Band, and I managed to stay out of trouble by staying out of the way. I was mustered out early to return to school which I did in June, 1962. I returned to Penn State Univ. from where I received a B. MusEd. degree and an M. A. in Music (major Music History). I then went to Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara in Sept., 1964 to work on a Ph.D. in Historical Musicology under Prof. Karl Geiringer. This I completed in June of 1971. In September 1968, I was hired by The Ohio State Univ. School of Music. I entered the Music History Div. as ABD and continued through the ranks until December 1991. At this time I qualified for early retirement which I took. While at Ohio State, I eventually became Chairman of the Music History Div.. I left Ohio State for Grace College to become Chairman of their Music Dept. and Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs. Upon returning to school, I continued to work as a bass player, eventually playing eight seasons with the Columbus Symphony Orch. and doing some freelance work in the Central Ohio area. I have not done any playing since that time. I am currently working on transcribing and editing two 18th century German anthems for the Moravian Music Foundation in Winston-Salem NC.
1310 Sunset Dr.., Winona Lake, IN 40590 Ph-574-267-6777

Gauger, Tom 1962 Announcer/AFN "Outpost Concert"
Currently: Broadcaster/Event Management
My connection with 7ASO in the mid-1960's was to play many of their recordings on the air over the American Forces Network, Europe. Although most of the programs came from AFN Berlin, on occasion the E. German government would be peeved over some perceived insult by the U.S. and would render the broadcast lines to and from Berlin unusable. At that point, the program would be pulled back to Frankfurt and it was my pleasure to host it. More recently, an MC job with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra of northern Virginia began a 30-year friendship with its conductor, William Hudson who, I am reliably informed, was a wayward clarinet player with 7ASO in its sunset years. Although he has given up the instrument, he upholds the deserved reputation of clarinet players everywhere.

Gebeaux, Howard L. '61 - '62 CLARINET
Currently: Journalist
I arrived in 1961 and remained until the orchestra was disbanded. From there, I finished my Army tour with a small Army band in Straubing, Germany. I arrived at the orchestra after spending a year at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, but when I left the Army I decided to move away from music somewhat. I ended up a journalist, a move I regret at times, but... Music is still a very important part of my life, mainly now as a listener. I've lived in small areas, working for community paper. I've seldom been close enough to large cities to enjoy an active symphony life. When I was with the orchestra, it was small. But it was a wonderful time. I've always enjoyed the clarinet as I get to sit basically in the middle of the orchestra surrounded by everyone else. Best seat in the house.
194 Westmoreland Beach Dr. Montross, VA 22520

Gerrero, Richard 4/55 - 9/56 VIOLIN
Currently: Retired
On return from the service, I spent seven years working in my Dad's music store in Steubenville, 0hio and Wheeling. W.Va. I then went to Michigan State University where I earned a MA in Film Production and a Ph.D. in Communication. For the next ten years I worked at the University of Pittsburgh as the Director of Instructional Development and then moved to the University of California at San Diego for a simular position. I retired in 1993 and now play golf and build violins as a hobby.
4661 Jeri Way, El Cajon, CA 92020

Gerrero, Robert 5/56 - 9/57 VIOLIN
Currently: Fla Real Estate Broker
After 7ASO I returned to study at W.V.U. with Sam Thaveau, C.M. Pgh. Symphony. Entered family retail Music stores for 30 years in Eastern Ohio, Penna, and W.V. With a passionate love for music, one can teach it, play it, or sell it. Now retired from selling it, I can now truly appreciate music. I am a Real Estate Broker with 4 offices in the Ft Myers, Florida area. Also involved in family R/E development and Const. As the youngest member of the symphony during 1956-57, I thank and appreciate the many "old" and outstanding musicians for sharing a very formative period of our lives. Always welcome during your Fla. travels.
3015 S.E. 22nd Place, Cape Coral FL 33904 Ph 239.549.2406

Giattino, John R. 4/55-11/55 BASSOON
Currently: Concert Producer.
Tours: NYC Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Longines Symphonette, Manhattan Concert Orch., Mantovani Orch (later contractor and mgr.), Canadian Ballet, Percy Faith Orch. 3 children, 4 grand children. Wife Judith, former opera singer, co-producer Sigmund Romberg and Hollywood Festival Orchs.
International Management HC 73 Box 3425 Vanceburg, KY 41179-9400

Gibbs, Theodore V. Jr. 1956-c. VIOLIN
Reported by David Seeley.
If you have more info., we will print it here.

Gillett, Robert (Bob) '57 - '58 BASSOON, CONTRA-BASSON
Currently: Retired (This entry dated 6/9/05)
. I was with the Symphony in ' 57 for about 9 months and again in '58 for a couple of months, being borrowed from the 7th Army Band when the symphony needed more than 2 bassoons or a contra-bassoon. I am retired from teaching music, mainly band, in the Coos Bay, Oregon schools and Southwestern Oregon Community College. I have been active in promoting community bands in Oregon and since starting the Oregon Adult Band Festival 20 years ago have seen the number of adult community groups grow from about 5 in the state to over 30 and the quality is greatly improved. Since leaving the Army in 1959 I have confined my playing to various community orchestras and bands and what ever small ensemble playing I could find. I really miss the playing with a good orchestra like the 7th Army Symphony.
761 Areonca St., Independence, OR 97351

Gioia, Rocco '53 - '54 VIOLIN
Rocco was a graduate of Danbury High School class of 1947, and of the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. He taught for more than 27 years in Cleveland Public Schools. Following his retirement he established his own flower shop in Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood which he sold in 1986. He was an active member and supporter of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, where he served as chief floral designer.

Glazer, Donald '53 - '54 PIANO
(Don passed away on Feb. 1, 2009, reported by his wife Alice, via Mel Ponzi)
USAREUR Band School Dachau. Band instrument - Euphonium. Pianist for choral works & radio. Audition for 7ASO with James Dixon in Munich, Could not get pass in order to audition. Went AWOL. Can you imagine sneaking out of Camp Dachau with German guards checking passes at the gate?
Nadia Reisenberg was his piano teacher and mentor. Studied with her before college and at the Mannes School of Music.
Joined orchestra as 1st staff pianist under the baton of James Dixon and Andrew Heath.
Married in 1956. His wife, an artist. 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.
Post service - founded the Great Neck School of Music & Arts and the Great Neck Cultural Center on Long Island, NY Changed careers to become Executive Director of Jewish Federations in Erie, Pa. and San Jose, Ca. On the Board of Directors of the San Jose Symphony for 11 years.
In 2004 .revisited Passau on a tour. The tour guide talked about their summer music festivals which began in 1953 with the 7ASO. On the side, tolld that that he was the staff pianist. Without a moments lapse she introduced him as a "celebrity."

Godfrey, Robert E. 1956 PERCUSSION
(Bob passed away in late December 2009, reported by his wife Elaine, via Mel Ponzi)
Bob played in the 7ASO under Henry Lewis, and according to Mel Ponzi, was fondly known as "The Count" because of his pipe and silk neck scarf. Bob later played timpani in the Santa Monica Symphony for many years.
942 25th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Goldberg '54 - '55-c (BASS)
(This entry dated 7/2/06)
Goldberg - Ira Samuel. Born December 4, 1928 in the Bronx, to Philip and Pauline. Married the late Malka Dobekirer, December 21, 1957, daughter of Jechil and the late Szejncia Dobekirer. Died September 15, 2002, in Manhattan. Played bass in the U.S. Seventh Army Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Symphony, and Pittsburgh Symphony. Taught music in New York City junior high schools and area Hebrew schools. Led Labor Zionist Alliance and synagogue activities, and compiled three-volume Bibliography of Jewish Music. Proud father and grandfather to Raymond and Elana, and their sons Leor, Ayal, Allon, Noam, Eitan; Leonard and Regina, and their sons Michael, David; and Miriam. Ira had a memorable sense of humor, shared his wide-ranging knowledge with family and friends, sustained communities, and demonstrated a commitment to doing the right thing.
(Published: September 25, 2002, NY Times obitiuraries) (Thanks to Mel Ponzi for finding this notice)

Goldman, Alan 3/57 - 11/58 HORN
Pvt. - E1
Most recently: Manufacturer's Rep.
Horn Arkansas Symphony Orchestra 1963-2001, principal 1963-1993.
Principal horn Pine Bluff Symphony Orch.
Principal horn Tupelo, Miss. Symphony Orchestra.
In real life: Manufacturer's rep for electric motor manufacturers.
Married 43 years. 5 children, 11 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren

Goldman, Harris '56 - '57 VIOLIN (concertmaster)
(This entry updated 6/5/11)
Harris died on May 13, 2011. He was born in Torrington, Connecticut on December 27, 1932 and began his studies on the violin at an early age. His pre-college summers were spent at music camp in Harrison, Maine, playing chamber music. He graduated from the Eastman School with bachelor’s and master’s degrees and the artist’s diploma. While there, he was concertmaster of the Eastman Orchestra and simultaneously played in Eastman-Rochester Philharmonic under Eric Leinsdorf. After graduation, he entered the army and became concertmaster of the 7th Army Symphony. Following discharge, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his doctorate at U.S.C., and upon graduation, spent ten years on the U.S.C. faculty as Adjunct Professor of violin, chamber music and chamber music history and literature. He performed widely throughout this period in Europe and the U.S as part of the Goldman-Brown violin-piano duo. Several Los Angeles composers wrote works for the duo: Robert Linn, William Kraft, Anthony Vazzana, Robert Rodriguez, Ramiro Cortes and Lee Holdridge. The duo was awarded the Alice M. Ditson Award from Columbia University which allowed the duo to record works of the first five composers on the Onion label. Holdridge’s concerto was premiered in Brussels. Harris was a member of the Paganini String Quartet and was chosen to be an adult auditor in Jascha Heifetz’ master classes at U.S.C. He was active in the music recording industry from 1980 on, was a member of the Recording Musicians Association and Union Local 47. Several photos of Harris at the 2001 and 2006 reunions appear at the bottom of this page and the top of this one
Remembering Harris Goldman, by Myron Rosenblum

Golub, Elliott '57 -'58 VIOLIN (concertmaster)
Concertmaster for 35 years of Chicago's "Music of the Baroque" orchestra.

Gotowicki, Paul P. '57 - '58   COMMANDING OFFICER
Captain Gotowicki's career was in the infantry, before assuming command of the orchestra. He retired from the service, living in Kentucky until his death in 1997.

Gould, Glen   1956   TRUMPET
Glen died on March 22, 2008 , less than two weeks after his 84th birthday.  He was living in Chambersburg, PA.  He was a graduate of Howe Military Academy in Indiana, attended Oberlin College, got his bachelors degree at the University of Southern California, his masters degree in music at Wayne State University, and a Ph.D. at Indiana University.  He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1943.  He was professor of music from 1966 to 1988 at Wilson College, where he chaired the music department and directed the college choir.  He also composed and arranged music, including the scores for several educational documentaries, countless musical arrangements for the vocal and instrumental ensembles of his two sons, and Aberdeen Suite, a jazz composition that he wrote and performed as a tribute to the year that he and his family spent in Scotland.

Gove, Allen 4/54 - 6/55 'CELLO
claimed to be a General (two star)
Al died from two massive strokes on June 23, 2016. He had held various teaching positions, and jobbed aroung the S.F. Bay Area in a variety of ballet, opera, symphony and chamber music positions. In retirement he continued teaching cello students and still played some himself. He was married for over 60 years to Muriel, and had 4 children and 10 grandchildren.
Remembering Allen Gove by Jerry Pollack

Greenberg, Jules 1953 PERCUSSION
Rank ?
Currently: Studio musician, Los Angeles, California.
I was in the symphony for 6 months in 1953. Jim Dixon was the conductor at that time. I played tympany for just about the entire six months. Andrew Heath came through Berlin with an auditioning team, where I was stationed, and accepted me. I went to Stuttgart about a month after I was sent the orders. I have lived in Los Angeles for 30 years now doing studio work. At the present time I do the percussion work on the "Simpsons" TV show.

Greenberg, Lloyd 4/54 - 5/55-c. CLARINET
Lloyd passed away several years ago in California.
After release from service he lived in NYC with his wife, Thea. He was active in the New York freelance scene, and was also a professional photographer.

Greenfield, Richard B. 10/57 - 3/59
After leaving the military in April 1959 he played in the Buffalo Philharmonic and the Pittsburgh Symphony. He returned to his home town in early 60's to get Music Ed. degree. He never taught in any school, and genuinely regretted that, as he liked kids.
After returning to Boston in the 1960's he was a freelancer playing anything that came along, from Chinese funerals to subbing with the Boston Symphony and Israel Philharmonic, and principal horn in the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra. He was married twice and had five grandchildren. He loved playing horn. He made a good living at something he loved to do. He hoped he didn't talk too much, and wished Best to all.
A recording of Dick playing 1st in Mozart's Symphony #29 in Brussels in 1958 appears on the Recordings page

Grider, Richard '60 - '62 VIOLIN
Richard passed away on October 10, 2000, from cancer.

Groner, Earl 3/60 - 9/61 TROMBONE
Earl died on July 6, 2019. He was a teacher in Scarsdale, NY Pub. Schools and President-Elect, NY State School Music Assoc.
He completed 37 years as a member of the Music Department Faculty of the Scarsdale, NY Public Schools. He was elected President of the NY State School Music Association (NYSSMA). He also served as Music Director of the NY based Empire State Concert Productions.

Grossman, Arthur 3/56 - 9/58 BASSOON
How the hell do I remember? Spec 2? 3?
Professor of Bassoon, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
After 7th Army Symphony, played principal bassoon in Indianapolis and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestras. Played in the Marlboro and Casals Festivals. Professor at the Conservatory of Music, Puerto Rico, and U. of Washington. Member Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet (founded as the 7th Army Wind Quintet) since 1961. Numerous solo and quintet recordings and many international tours. Ten years as Divisional Dean of Arts, U. of Washington. Photographer, with numerous exhibits and a published book of abstract color photographs.
5471 NE 200th Pl. Seattle, WA 98155

Gruenbaum, Fred '55 - '58 OBOE/ENGLISH HORN
Rank: Who cares?
Currently: Retired
Graduate Curtis Institute. Retired from Nat'l.Sym.Orch. Recorded with Casals, Marlboro, Aspen and Tanglewood Festivals. Faculty at Univ.of Md., George Wash., Bowie State. Numerous recordings. Was a stockbroker, business owner and consultant. Now I play the sax in swing bands and quartets and having the time of my life lolling around the beach, and listening to swing music. Great memories of people like Keith Bryan, who saved my life from Art Grossman. Ling Tung who recommended me to John deLancie. Henry Lewis who got me there in the first place, and Marilyn Horne (Henry's wife at the time) who also put in a good word. Paul Tucci, who was one of the most delightful people I ever knew. Bill McColl (gross weirdness). Dick Trombley who was my very first mentor. Mickey Nadel, my room-mate and bridge teacher (who can forget Frankfurt). Bob Quinn, Arno Drucker and the Shostakovich 1st.Sym. All this happened to me so quickly. I was 17 when I joined the orchestra at Patch. At best, confused, at the worst, still a dumb, immature teenager, grateful for the help these guys extended to me.
18171 Alice Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Guertler, Klaus '5? - '5? VIOLIN
The 2004 reunion committee received the following:
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2004 4:04 PM
Subject: Re: Reunion
Klaus Guertler passed away of sudden heart failure Feb. 25, 2004. He talked often of the time he spent playing with the 7th Army Orchestra. We spent many hours and years together playing our violins. I am sorry he never had the chance to play with your group again.
Sincerely, his wife, Bernice S. Guertler.

Gusé, Allen '58-c. - '60-c. HORN
Born 9/15/35 in Oregon. Died at age 33 on 10/26/1968 in Los Angeles.
Thanks to Aubrey Facenda for reporting this, and to Marcel Demiranda for finding additional information.

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