Hache, Reginald '55 - '56 PIANO   monet888888@att.net
Professor Reginald Hache has had an illustrious career both as an educator and a performer. He has been performing for some 60 years, starting at the age of twelve. He retired after a long tenure as professor of music at Northeastern University in Boston. Prior to tht he was a music instructor at the St John Academy of Music in New Brunswick, Canada and at the New England Conservatory in Boston. His performing career has spanned the globe, including concerts in West Germany and Canada as well as Athens, Paris, and Vienna. In North America he has appeared with the New England Conservatory orchestra, the Brockton Symphony, St. Johns Symphony, and numerous college orchestras. He has been a soloist with the Boston Pops under Arthur Fiedler and has taken part in many chamber concerts with members of the Boston Symphony. Most recently, he performed some of his own compositions in San Jose, Costa Rica, and gave a lecture-performance of Mussorgskys Pictures at an Exhibition at the St. John Academy in St. Augustine. He has published widely, both instructional texts and papers in international journals. Best-known is his arrangement of Mussorgskys Pictures at an Exhitibition, which has been recorded on both Schwann and Sony labels. He is currently teaching a History of Music course at Flagler College, and tutors several piano students at his home. He is a member of the American Composers Alliance and appears in the 1985 edition of Whos Who published in Cambridge, England.
635 Aleida Dr., St. Augustine, FL 32086   904-797-7857

Hagestedt, Grant E. 1/60 - 1/62 TRUMPET   granthagestedt@comcast.net
SP4 (E4?)
Currently: Retired Band Teacher.
Born 1936. Began in music with Chicago-area drum and bugle corps. Began trumpet at Austin H.S. (classmate: John Covelli) and with George Albrecht privately.
1954-59: Northwestern University. Trumpet teachers Renold Schilke, then Don Whitaker. Study outside of NU with Vincent Cichowicz and Arnold Jacobs.
1959: MME from NU, basic training, brief stay at the Navy School of Music, Army Element, under Capt. Mobley (who said, "You've got to LOOK the part to PLAY the part"...).
1960-62: Toured Europe with 7ASO (often alone or with friends when we could "bug out" from the Orch. in my little VW). Met future wife in Freiburg.
1962-64: Followed brothers and parents to Oregon to teach bands in Port Orford, then Salem for 30 years at H.S., Jr. H.S., and Middle School levels. Continued to play in local symphony, adult band, brass quintets, church jobs, etc.
1995: Retired, continued to play in above groups until 2009, when my TMJ (jaw joint) went bad, and ended my trumpet playing.
2010: Keep active booking music lecturers/performers for a large Seniors' lecture group at local university.
2023: Completed 6 years now in a wonderful retirement community with MANY activities of all kinds, plus about 3 concerts a week and the varied 6 hours of lectures at the local University.(Damaging hearing further than the firing range did!).

Hahnl, Fernando '53 - '54 CELLO   cmandfah@yahoo.com
Currently: enjoying a very satisfying retirement.
After leaving the 7ASO Fernando attended New England Conservatory and married Cecelia, a violinist. They belonged to about 5 civic symphonies in Massachusetts, where Fernando was principal cello. But he was an engineer at Polaroid Corporation in its wonderful years. In 1983 he retired from Polaroid and moved to New Hampshire. He continued music as an avocation while he was an engineering manager at Hichiner Mfg Co. He formed his own engineering firm and was then asked by Kodak and Fluor Corp to design and build state of the art film perforating machines for China. Retired to California in the Laguna area in 1994. In 2004 relocated to a great house overlooking the Coronado National Park in Rio Rico, AZ, just 12 miles from the Mexican border. Fernando pursues digital photography as a hobby. He and his wife play in a professional orchestra in Sierra Vista, AZ. He still plays his cello every day and performs for chamber music groups in Green Valley.

Haigh, Andrew D. 7/54 - 8/54-c CLARINET
(this entry dated 1/8/06)
Andrew passed away on 9/21/05 - reported by Mel Ponzi). His original biography follows:
I got to special services in the early spring of 1954, not as a "classical" player, but by way of a jazz concert. A group in which I played won a prize of some sort, and on this basis a representative of special services arranged for me to go to Stuttgart on detached service. Toward the latter part of the summer, Ken Schermerhorn and Dave Amram suggested that I join the orchestra, despite the fact that I was due to rotate back to the states for separation that fall. Prior to this, I had gone out on a couple of shows; the usual revues, with MC, singer, comedian, ventriloquist, etc., which featured a more than capable jazz group, in which I played clarinet and baritone saxophone. I had known Dave and Ken prior to coming to Stuttgart, but to this day have no idea why they wanted me in the orchestra, particularly since they already had a clarinet player who was a good deal better than I was; Lloyd Greenberg. At any rate, I played in a number of concerts with them and went on one tour to Linz, Salzburg and Vienna. Finally, in late August, I believe, I returned to my original outfit and utlimately, to the states.

Hall, Charles 10/55 - 10/56 HORN
After service, taught Instrumental Music (gr. 4-12) for 12 yrs., then 5 yrs. in a retail business, then back to Springfield Public Schools as Coordinator of Music, retiring in 1990. During that time, conductor of the Springfield Youth Symphony for 10 yrs. and conductor of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra for 12 yrs. Charles lost his battle with brain and lung cancer on Dec. 4, 2003.

Hall, Ivan P. 2/55 - 5/65 (on TDY from Mil-Intel), 'CELLO   ivanphall@yahoo.com
Currently: Retired professor of Japanese history, writing 4th book at residence in Chiang Mai, Thailand. US base in Honolulu (twice a year) also in Japan on research twice a year.
  (Post 7ASO) Assistant Cultural Attache with USIS in Kabul Afghanistant and Dhaka (now Bangladesh) 1958-61. Then PhD from Harvard 1969 in modern Japanese history. Ran the Japan-U.S Friendship Commission for bilateral cultural exchanges out of our Tokyo embassy 1977- 84, then taught American and Japanese intellectual histories at Tsukuba, Keio and Gakushuin Universities in Tokyo to 1993.
  Three books on Japan. MORI ARINORI (Harvard 1973, a cultural and intellectual biography of Japan's first ambassasdor to the U.S.); "CARTELS OF THE MIND: Japan's Intellectual Closed Shop" (Norton, 1997, about barriers to foreign professionals in Japan, one of Business Week's "Ten Best Business Books of 1997); "BAMBOOZLED! How America Loses the Intellectual Game with Japan" (ME Sharpe, 2002. "Destined to arouse passions among Japanese nationalists and American liberals" -- Foreign Affairs, Nov-Dec 2002).
  Played trios at Fletcher School in 57-58, took my 'cello around the world playing trios with British and Swiss diplomats in Kabul, then stored in a closet with lightbulb against mildew in Bengal -- no classical music there. Alas, have played little since.
  Some of the ca. 1955 generation of the 7ASO may have known my late sister Mara Hall Sahl, and my brother in law the composer and pianist Michael Sahl, when they lived in the East Village from the late 1950s.
758 Kapahulu Ave. #105, Honolulu HI 96816

Hancock, Don E. '58 - 8/60 VIOLIN
Sp5 (Librarian)
Don died on April 17, 2015 in Fremont, CA. He had worked for an Aerospace firm in Palo Alto, CA For 21 years. They built communication satellites and were involved with other space projects. He continued playing the violin, as an avocation, and performed with his local orchestra "Fremont Symphony" for 20 years. After retirement, which he said was great, he planned on devoting more time to music, especially chamber music. In Feb., 2000 he spent a month playing the role as the Fiddler in "Fiddler on the Roof." It was fun and great working with a very talented cast. He said it was a delightful project for John to write the book, and it certainly brought back some wonderful memories of long ago.
Photos of Don - Then and More Recently.

Hanna, Glenore 1952 VIOLA
Part of the original orchestra in 1952, the only woman and civilian in the orchestra.
Wife of Lyle Hanna. Besides raising two children, Glenn continued to play in orchestras and was an orchestra teacher in the Tempe, Az. public schools.

Hanna, Lyle '52 PIANO
(This entry dated 9/23/07)
Lyle Hanna, 78, of Gilbert, Arizona passed away in his sleep on September 2, 2007. He is survived by his loving wife of 56 years, Glenore, his son, Gregory (Teresa) of Shungnak, Alaska, his daughter, Leslie (Terry) of Denver, Colorado, and his brother, Dr. Duke Hanna of Los Angeles, California.

After my army service, I attended Indiana University, (Bloomington, Ind.) where I earned a Ph.D. in music theory. I then spent 10 years at a small liberal arts college teaching music theory, piano, and music history. In 1967 I became professor of music at Arizona State University where I taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in music theory as well as team-taught courses in the humanities (ancient, medieval & modern). In addition to the above, I have performed as piano soloist with the Indianapolis Symphony, and on several occasions with the Kansas City Chamber Orch. Currently I am Professor Emeritus at ASU.

Harrow, Donald R. '54 - '56 BASS
Don passed away just after Memorial Day, 2007, losing his battle with cancer. This news reported by Mel Ponzi after speaking with James Mabry. Don attended the 50th Anniversary Reunion in New Hampshire. Not long after this website was begun, he submitted the following story, which we shall retain:
Kenneth Schermerhorn, was our fearless leader. While visiting Garmisch, a group of us decided to go skiing. We left on skis and were heading to an access to the lower skiing areas. We were on the top of a very steep hill. Ken looked over the side and said "not too difficult," and with that, pushed off, with the ski patrol yelling for him to stop. He went straight down like a rocket. Somewhere, about half way, he wiped out. Somehow he got up and made it to the bottom. Hail To The Chief!

Hartshorn, Larry 1/60 - 2/62 OBOE, ENGLISH HORN
Larry died on July 28, 2012. After the army stint he played English horn in the Kansas City Symphony from 1962-1978, after which he went to the Milwaukee Symphony as personnel manager. He and his wife Marcia Jones Hartshorn were divorced in 1981. He lived in Anchorage with his new wife from the early 90's on.

Hartzell, Eugene '59-c. - '60-c. Percussion
Eugene lived for many years in Vienna, Austria. He died there in April of 2000, taken by cancer. He had worked for Austrian Radio. His fluent command of the German language got the orchestra out of many difficulties on the road. He was acting Field 1st Sgt. because of this skill. Eugene was a well known composer of 12 tone music, with many publications to his credit. We thank Mr. Guy Mallery of Stockton, Calif. for letting us know about Eugene's death. He was researching information for a memorial website and discovered the 7ASO pages. You may see the site here:
Eugene Hartzell - in Memoriam

Hass, Paul W. '59 TROMBONE   toniokroger@cybermesa.com
I was pulled in to the group (on Stu Dempster's recommendation) from the 8th Division Band on a temporary (TDY) assignment in the fall of '59 as they were short one trombone. This was in the midst of a northern European tour. I had taken the train up to Wiesbaden or possibly Mainz to hear the group. I had a reunion backstage with Stu and thus I was called up to the 7SO. I stayed in the group for the remainder of that tour and through the holidays and was shipped back (much to my consternation) to Bad Kreuznach in January of "60 due to the arrival of trombonist Gilbert McKelvie. I was mustered out that summer and taught instrumental music in the Seattle Public Schools for 35 years. Stu came to the University of Washington in the mid-60's and we resumed our friendship and did family activities together, etc. I now live in Albuquerque with my 2nd wife, Yolanda.

Hasselman, Ronald 5/55 - 8/56 TRUMPET   ronbea@aol.com
Currently: Retired Associate Principal Trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra.
I'm from Chicago Illinois, and got B.M. and M.M. degrees from Northwestern University. My principal teachers were Adolph Herseth, Arnold Jacobs, and Renold Schilke. I was principal trumpet with the Seventh Army Symphony. I joined the Minnesota Orchestra in October 1958 after two years as principal trumpet of Chicago's Lyric Opera Orchestra. I was Associate Personnel Manager of the Minnesota Orchestra from 1980 until my retirement from the orchestra in 1999. I taught at the University Of Minnesota and St. Olaf College for many years, and performed solos throughout the United States, Europe, Scandinavia and Guatemala. Recently conducted the brass and percussion auditions for newly formed China National Symphony Orchestra in Beijing.

Hauser, Oscar 11/53 - 2/55 VIOLIN   ohauser@rochester.rr.com
Deceased (reported by Ed Retzler). Oscar died of heart failure and a massive stroke on Jan. 8, 2007.
(The bio remains as Oscar wrote it): I came to the orchestra from the 594th Field Artillery in Nov. of '53 while Jim Dixon was conducting. I left in Feb.'55 to come back to the States to be discharged. I never continued in professional music. I was always a very unassuming quiet person in the orchestra and continued to be so after I was discharged from the army. I went back to college and got my BS in physics with a math minor. Then I went to graduate school again majoring in physics and finally entered industrial research. My achievements were more in the field of patents and publications, so as far as music was concerned I became a drop out from the profession. However, I did manage to continue playing violin rather well and became the concertmaster of one of the community orchestras here in Rochester, NY (the Greece Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Fetler) and I also managed to perform the Beethoven and Bruch violin concertos and the Lalo Symphony Espagnole as well as the Brahms double concerto with these orchestras . For a while I also performed some chamber music at Roberts Weslyan College. About 1996 our house was burglarized and my instrument was stolen. This was followed by some health issues so I never played since then.

Havas, Donald P. 12/54 - 8/55 BASS
Don died of lymphoma on May 15, 2003. He had retired in 1998 from the National Symphony Orch. after 43 years of service. Graduated from Oberlin in 1952. Obtained a masters degree at Tulsa Univ. while playing principal Bass there. Don attended the reunion in Sept. 2001. Thanks to Carl Rubis for letting us know of Don's passing.

Havel, Tom '61 - '62 VIOLIN
Reported by Don Draganski and Mel Ponzi.

Heath, Andrew 1953 CONDUCTOR
(This entry updated 5/28/08 - new biography sent by David Heath, Andy's son.)
Andrew Heath was born in New York City on September 12, 1928 and grew up in Concord, New Hampshire. As an undergraduate at Harvard, Andy studied music with Randall Thompson and directed the Harvard Glee Club. He later received a masters degree from the Yale School of Music. While studying conducting and piano at the Vienna State Academy of Music, he performed the European concert premiere of George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and Concerto in F for piano and orchestra.
In 1953 he served in the United States Army and toured the Western Zone of Europe as conductor of the 7th Army Symphony. In 1961 the U.S. State Department appointed him Good-Will Ambassador to the Far East as pianist, conductor, teacher and lecturer. He toured Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.
Throughout Andys career, music critics around the world praised his intelligent program choices and dynamic musical technique. He made his New York piano debut at Town Hall in November of 1957 and later performed in Washington and Boston. He collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, David Amram, Igor Kipnis, Daniel Pinkham, Tossy Spivakovsky and many others. He served for two seasons as Associate Conductor under Leopold Stokowski at Carnegie Hall. He performed many piano recitals in the United States and abroad, including several two-piano concerts with his second wife, pianist Louise Stanley. In 1975 he again performed George Gershwins Concerto in F with Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. Andy died on February 15, 2005 in New Haven, Connecticut.
Photos of Andrew Heath

Henderson, Charles E. "Chuck" 1961 CLARINET
Currently: CEO, Biocentrix Corp. Biocentrix Web Site
I was only TDY to the 7ASO on two occasions covering for personnel on leave; my permanent duty assignment was with the 8th Div band in Bad Kreuznach. The 8DB solo clarinetist (Mo Mokritski) and I (first chair) were both tapped for 7ASO leave-covering duty. We also had a trombonist, Paul Haas, who played that gig. I don't know where he is now. Mokritski was career, Paul and I were US.

Henderson, William (Bill) '55-c. - '57-c. VIOLIN
On March 3, 2001 Dan Thomason reported that Bill had passed away several months before. Bill lived in Los Angeles and was still playing jobs there.

Hesse, Robert R. '54 - '56 VIOLIN, ADVANCE MAN
Sgt. (5 days prior to discharge)
Deceased (Dec. 1, 2016)
Was President/ Robert R. Hesse Associates LTD (1989 - 2017)
Senior Vice President, US Committee for UNICEF (1986 -1989); Executive Director, Joffrey Ballet (1983-1986); President, Chautauqua Institution (1977- 1983); President, Medaille College (1974-1977); Director of Publications, ACPRA (1971-1974); Executive Assistant to the President, SUNY Fredonia (1961-1971); Music Teacher (1956-1961). Forty clients since 1989 including Audrey Hepburn, Mikail Gorbachev, the Pavarotti International Voice Competition, and "The Next Step" in NYC, and the Playwrights Project in NC, and others. Newest project: created, and building, a kinetic Sculpture Park in San Diego, CA. Four children, and a wonderful woman companion, Jane Fortune.

Hickman, Victor H. 12/56 - 10/58 VIOLA   vhickman1890@comcast.net
Currently: Retired Orchestra Teacher
(This bio. was installed Sept., 2003)
After taking an European release from 7ASO I studied at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome with Renzo Sabatini then the principal violist for the Virtuosi di Roma. After one year of study I returned to Michigan and taught in the Detroit Public Schools as a substitute music teacher. Actually it was an excellent year of on the job training. After that one year I returned to Italy and continued my studies at the conservatory hoping for a performance diploma, but time ran out and I returned 3 years later. While I was there I had some wonderful experiences studying at the conservatory, learning Italian, and doing free lance jobbing around Rome with as many orchestras as I could. Upon my return to Michigan I got a Master's in viola performance at U of M and got a job in Birmingham, Mich. teaching instrumental music that eventually evolved to string specialist. Good job, good pay, 33 years. Now good retirement - Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System is good! I've made several trips back to Italy and have renewed my friendships with friends from my student days. I continue to play in two civic orchestras and sing in my church choir. I remember with great fondness the time spent in the company of great musicians in the 7ASO. At the time it was "de rigeur" to bitch about the army but it really was a wonderful experience! I would love to hear from anyone from those days.
1890 West Blvd. Berkley, MI 487072-1754   (248)546-6982

Hicks, Roger T. '61-c VIOLIN
Roger's passing was discovered during a reunion search by Jack Monchecourt. According to Roger's nephew, he died about 1990.

Hilgeman, Paul '58 - '60 TRUMPET
Permission to list
7555 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN 46260

Hildinger, Karl James '57 - '58 VIOLIN
1st Violin, 5th desk, inside - latter part of 1957 & briefly in 1958.
Jim was a self-taught black and white photographer. Many of his photographs are in private collections throughout Lake Tahoe, in his book Tahoe in Black & White, and on this site. He gave his thousands of negatives and proofs to the University of Nevada, Reno, for posterity. Jim was an avid wintertime sailor on Lake Tahoe and spent many delightful hours in Emerald Bay surrounded by good friends. He was a lifetime member of the Windjammers Yacht Club, which he helped to found in 1974. He participated in many sailing races on Lake Tahoe.

Hill, Charles (1952) CLARINET
On 1/22/04 a website visitor, Robert Lucas, sent word that Charles had died many years ago. His dates of service were not known until identified by Jack Monchecourt.

Hillyer, Howard 2/57- 6/58 HORN   hlhasty@verizon.net
Currently: Retired 2/1/04 from position as Pittsburgh Symphony Orch. Librarian
Graduated from University of Southern California where I studied Horn with Fred Fox. Joined SAS February '57, didn't play much at first giving me a chance to practice and try to remember what Fox had tried to teach me! Became Principal Horn when John Scecina (a real gentleman) left. Played in the SAS WW Quintet. I am convinced without these experiences I would have never achieved my subsequent success. After the army I free lanced in NYC before getting principal Horn in the Pittsburgh Symphony in '65, a position I held for 23 years. I then kicked myself (yeh, really) upstairs into the music library where I have been from 1987 till Feb. 2004.

Hirsh, Jules M. 7/57-c. - 4/59-c. BASS jajbhirsh@worldnet.att.net
E5 (Sergeant)
Currently:1) Adjunct Asst. Prof. of Double Bass at The Brooklyn Coll. Conservatory of Music. 2) Freelance musician in the NYC Area. Brooklyn Philharmonic Orch. since 1956. Queens Symphony Orch., Principal Bass since 1978. Westfield Symphony (NJ) since 1978. NJ State Opera Orch. since 1978.
Prior to being drafted,I had completed my B.A. from Brooklyn Coll. (1955) and my M.A. from Teachers Coll., Columbia U. (Feb. '57) During this time I was Free-lancing in the NY area with the Symph. of the Air, American Symph., Bell Telephone Hour and the Brooklyn Phil. orchestras. After my discharge honorably from the Army I went back to Free-lancing in New York. I was a member of the Metropolitan Opera Orch. in Sept., '59. After 2 seasons I was offered a teaching position in the NYC Public School System. For the next 38 years I excelled as a teacher of Orchestral Music. After 5 years I was appointed to Midwood High School in Sept. of '65 and retired after 33 years in June of '98. I was a student at Midwood from 1947-51 where I first began the study of the Double Bass. I have been married to Julianne S.K. Hirsh for almost 38 years. My son Jonathan is married to Karin Kayser, and their children are Alyssa, Katherine and Noah. My daughter Alexandra is married to Michael Beda and their children are Richard, Jason and Daniel.
674 East 24th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 (718) 859-8484

Hitchings, John 1/55 - 7/56 VIOLIN
Currently: Retired. Had been on the music faculty of one of the Virginia State Universities.
Enjoy going to chamber music workshops. Member of The Sons of Norway, for whom over the last 2 years I have given 2 presentations:
   >Peer Gynt: Grieg and Ibsen (general audience)
   >Frederick Delius: Honorary Norwegian composer
      (yes 45 years later I am still a Delius devotee)
A year ago I spoke again on Grieg's Peer Gynt. This was for a musicological gathering, and I focused on the cyclic element, something not apparent from just the two suites.
4427 Peach Tree Dr. NW, Roanoke, VA 24017

Hoag, Charles K. (Charley) '56 -'57 BASS (Principal)
Sp3, at the very end
Formerly: Prof. of Music Theory & Composition, University of Kansas.
Was married to Mary Tuven (Kansas City Symphony), two daughters [Minnesota & Brussels, Belgium], one granddaughter. Played in New Orleans Philharmonic under Hilsberg, Oklahoma City SO under Guy Fraser Harrison. Had compositions published by Theodore Presser [bass music], Neil A. Kjos[bass], Ludwig[marimba], Rentals from Carl Fischer[orchestra], Th.Presser[trombone choir]. Bass music in manuscript available from Lemur. Music theory lectures on Silvestre Revueltas including one in Mexico City in '98 and one next week, Sept. '99 Mexico City. Orchestral works played by Kansas City Symphony, Oklahoma City Symphony, Tulsa, Warsaw Philharmonic, Topeka Symphony. Other pieces for soprano & piano; clarinet & bass; chorus; piano; violin, clarinet & piano, and others, etc..

Hobson, Art '55 - '57 TROMBONE   ahobson@uark.edu
Currently:  professor emeritus of physics
The University of Arkansas website has this biographical sketch

Hoffman, Oleg '52 - '54 TYMPANI   tennisguard-ball@yahoo.com
Permission to list.
(Date of this entry 6/4/06)
300 E. 74th St. Apt. 33G
New York, NY 10021
(212) 535-9443

Holloway, Homer (Dick) Jr. 1/59-6/60 VIOLIN (Concertmaster)
Homer died on Dec. 19, 2014. After retirement, he taught violin, played free-lance, and played Santa Claus.
He was drafted in the middle of his days at the Eastman School, working toward his MM in Violin-Music Lit., and was fortunate enough to get into the 7ASO, which turned out to be two wonderful years.
After he got out of the Army he returned to Eastman where he completed his MM and Performer's Certificate with Joe Knitzer. He then realized his ambition of becoming a Professor of Violin in his home town of Atlanta, GA. at GA. State University. His wife, Doris, who was with him during the 7ASO days, became a Professor of Music at Clayton College and State University.
He took a sabbatical during 1966-67 and worked at USC on a DMA and was a member of the Jascha Heifetz Master Class. Completed classwork and recital requirements for DMA at University of Georgia with Eduard Melkus.
During his time as professor in Atlanta he performed lots of solos, chamber music and orchestra music as well. He and Doris had two children, Lenora and Richard, both of whom are married. He had one granddaughter named Sarah.

Holzer, Edwin (Ed) H. 1/57-c. - 11/59-c. VIOLIN
(This bio. updated 4/12/20)
Advertising - Chairman/CEO Lois/EJL Chicago
Fiddle teacher-Ivan Galamian. High School Music & Art, NYC...Music.B and Music.M-Yale, Doctoral Fellowship Indiana U. VP Account Supervisor, Benton & Bowles, Sr.VP Management Supervisor, William Esty, Exec. VP Grey Advertising NY, President/CEO, Grey Chicago, (Current) Chairman/CEO Lois/EJL, Chicago. Wife: Jo Earnest, 3 daughters Elisabeth, Katherine, Margaret.

Hopkins, Harlow E. 9/56 - 7/57 CLARINET   hhhopkins@sbcglobal.net
Rank ?
Currently: Retired
Following graduation ('53) at Olivet Nazarene College (now University) I taught for a year and was drafted. I spent the first few months at Ft. Knox (Kentucky) in the 3rd Armored Div. Band. We gyroscoped to Frankfurt, Germany, in May, 1956. In August I went to Stuttgart (without a pass) to audition for Henry Lewis. I was accepted and 7 weeks later was notified (while in Hamburg with the Band) that I was to be in Stuttgart the next day! Don Browne, also in the 3rd ADB, and I were sent by train to Frankfurt and then by jeep to Stuttgart. We arrived just in time to make the trip to Greece, though I didn't play with the orchestra since I had not yet rehearsed with it. I had a 17 day vacation in Athens and Thessaloniki. Following my release in July, 1957, I returned to teaching at Olivet and taught fulltime a total of 42 years (39 as Director of Bands and 29 as DFA and Music Dept. Head). In 1995 I was honored to have the ONU Alumni Center named in my honor. Retired in 1996. Completed a doctorate at Indiana University, Bloomington, in 1974. I still play in the Kankakee Symphony; gave a recital recently with my wife Harriet--an accomplished pianist. Last August we celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary. We have one son who is happily married. They have 2 children.
697 Oak Run Drive, Bourbonnais IL 60914

Howard Al M. 3/54 - 8/55 VIOLA   alpheusjud@hotmail.com
Currently: Retired.
Music teacher in Jackson, MI 1956-63. Life insurance business 1964-1995. Retired 1995. Played violin/viola in Jackson and Battle Creek Symphonies. Playing and managing a string quartet for weddings, receptions, open houses, etc. We have four children who now have given us 8 grandchildren.
6993 Surrey Lane Jackson, MI 49201

Hudson, William '58 - '59 CLARINET
Most recently: Symphony Conductor.
Music Director - Fairfax Symphony Orchestra and Shenandoah Valley Music Festival. Professor of Music - University of Maryland. Conductor - symphony orchestra and opera productions.
Married in 1980 to Denise Battistone Hudson.
The further removed we are in time from 7ASO, the more poignant the memories become. It is probably a combination of being so young in Europe for the first time, feeling like we lived there, unlike the way you feel as a tourist, and being part of the large, extended family of interesting, lively, like-minded people of the orchestra. We complained at the time, but in retrospect we lived life to the fullest and felt very much alive every minute.

Hughart, Jim 3/60 - 1/62 PERCUSSION, BASS hue4art@earthlink.net
Currently: Active Musician.
Upon separation from Army, joined Ella Fitzgerald. Got off the "Road" in Los Angeles. Twenty-five years in the studios. Awarded annual MVP award by NARAS the maximum 3 times resulting in being presented with MVP Emeritus Award. Toured with Frank Sinatra for six years. Currently in eighth year with Natalie Cole.
11612 Amestoy Ave. Granada Hills, CA 91344

Hughart, Ted 10/59 - 2/61 BASS
1953-58: College (B.A. - U. of Minn. - theory, comp., Bass), free-lance music, Minneapolis area.
1958-59: Bass Section of Kansas City Phil.
1961-65: Music in Minneapolis area. Taught elem. school strings Wayzata, MN.
1965-91: Los Angeles area, playing all categories.
1992: Sabbatical - Sail cruising in Sea of Cortez with his wife, aboard their Bristol Channel Cutter.
1993 and later: Free-lance in the San Diego area, playing all categories. Tours of Japan, Central & S. America with Ray Conniff. Jazz, B'way Theater, concerts, shows, chamber orch. Recordings & live TV.

Hurley, Kent '55 - '58 ADVANCE MAN   kent.hurley@ns.sympatico.ca
Rank ?
(This entry dated 4/29/05)
Currently: Resides in Oxford Court, Nova Scotia. Managed the Winnepeg Orchestra from 58 to 66. Retired from the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 93 (TUNS) Has helped organize the merger of Dalhousie Univ. and TUNS, and is busy writing his memoirs.
Ph. 902-425-8056

Hurst, Lawrence 1/60 - 9/61 BASS   hurst@indiana.edu lphbass@msn.com
Currently Professor of Music (Double Bass) & Chair of String Dept., Indiana U., since 1986.
Often played principal in 7ASO, as there was much rotation in the section. Began professional career as principal of the Dallas Symphony under Georg Solti (auditioned for him in Frankfurt while on TDY). Two years later returned to U. of Michigan where I finished a Masters in Performance and stayed on to teach for 24 years, my students landing positions in virtually every major orchestra in America. Also taught 27 summers at Interlochen, and have been president of the Intl. Soc. of Bassists and National Chair of the American String Teachers Assoc. National Solo Competition. Currently on the board of ASTA. Former member of NEA panel and while at Michigan, Chair of the String Dept. and Assoc. Dean for External Programs. Last year at IU I was Interim Assoc. Dean for Instruction. The year before, chair of the Search Committee for the dean. IU has had only 2 deans in the last 50 years. In Oct. I am to receive the Distinquished Achievement Award from the U. of Mich. School of Music Alumni Assoc.
2943 Ramble Rd. W.   Bloomington, IN 47408   812-333-9715 home, 812-855-3328 ofc.

Hurt, Robert '56 - '57 VIOLIN
(This entry dated 10/21/09)
Bob died on October 14, 2009 (reported by Stu Krams). He had been living in an assisted living place in St. Paul, MN, which was really nice about setting him up with a community room where he could continue to conduct lessons. His death came quite suddenly. He had played in the Denver Symphony, and then 38 years in the Minnesota Orchestra. He spoke German fluently and was an eclectic collector of art and antiques. He had a passion for literature and writing. He also hand built numerous pieces of fine furniture. For decades he was an inspiring teacher to countless violin students.

Hurwitz, Richard David '57-'59 TRUMPET
Richard died on June 6, 2016. He worked as a trumpeter in NY & Los Angeles after leaving 7ASO. In '67 he moved to Paris and studied composition with Nadia Boulanger until '69. He put the trumpet aside in '85 and became an active composer/producer of feature songs for animation. He was happily married to Marcia, and he still saw some of the guys from the Symphony.

Huttenbach, Henry Rudolph 1/54 - 8/55 FLUTE, ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR huttenbach@aol.com
Currently: Retired
Conducted 2 operas in Berlin (Menotti - "The Medium" & "The Three Kings"), founder of 7th Army Chamber Ensemble
PhD University of Washington
Professor of history at City College of NY 1966 - 2006
Married, 5 children, 12 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren
321 Sackett Street, Brooklyn NY 11231

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