Taylor, John '58 - '60 VIOLIN   tayjoh@oigp.net
Currently: Retired
I played on 3rd stand in 1st violins late 1958 to summer of 1960. Looking for Tom Mehl and Dan O'brian, violas, same years. What about Bob Cancelosi? Cello.
I am a retired computer consultant and would like to get in touch with some of the old gang.
330 Bull Creek Road   Grants Pass OR 97527

Taylor, John E '54 - '55 TUBA, Soldier Show   jet0207@aol.com
Master Sergeant
I was one of the “pied pipers” who sailed on a MSTS ship from Camp Kilmer, NJ to Bremerhaven in spring 1954 to reinforce musical organizations in Germany. We all were transported to Stuttgart (and Vaihingen) for further assignment. I was assigned to the 7th Army Band and then immediately to 7th Army Special Services, where I began rehearsal with the "Beyond the Moon" company. We were on the road just about constantly, but I played tuba with the orchestra off and on. I didn’t have a tuba issued, so Kenny Schermerhorn always had to find one for me, and did locate an interesting assortment of horns.

Taylor, Philip 1958 VIOLIN
(This entry dated 1/8/06)
Philip passed away in March of 2004. This was reported to Mel Ponzi by Philip's brother.

Thieme, Darius '55 - '56 BASS
Darius passed away on Feb. 9, 2015. He jointed the Symphony just before the English part of the NATO Tour in 1955. He was a professor at Fisk University in Nashville, TN, and was a member of the Society for Ethnomusicology.

Thies, Larry A. 12/58 - 2/61 'CELLO  
Larry attended the University of Minnesota where he later worked in the Biochemistry Department, St. Paul campus, retiring in 2000. He played in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the Minneapolis Civic Orchestra, and the Linden Hills Chamber Orchestra. When he married Anita (Hill) McNally in 1989 they combined their families and adopted four more children. Together they fostered fifty-seven children.  He died in July 2009 at the age of 73.

Thomason, Daniel 9/58 - 6/60 VIOLA
(This entry updated 5/31/20)
Played with the Rogue Valley Symphony, Ashland, OR. & other groups.
He married his beautiful bride, Anita van Heers in 1959 at Patch Chapel, and the Rathaus Sindelfingen. Anita (a fine violinist) and he joined the Dallas Symphony & Opera Orch. (1960-62), Paul Kletzki and George Solti, conds. When Solti moved on, he decided to finish his graduate work at USC. They played many seasons with the Carmel Bach Festival. In 1962 they returned to L.A., to pursue his Masters in viola performance. He also began a career in continental music-making with the "Monseigneur Strings", until the untimely passing of leader Murray Korda in 1998. In 1964, he joined the Glendale Symphony. Their first-born, Matthew (1965) is an old-fashioned fine art print maker. Dan began teaching in the L.A. Schools in 1966 and "retired" in 1991 - after that a string consultant & viola coach in various schools. Their 2nd son, Peter (1970) finished his degree at Cal. State U., Northridge. He plays classical piano, acoustic & elec. guitar. In 1974 Dan completed the DMA in viola d'amore perf. & related research and joined Myron Rosenblum in forming & directing The Viola d'amore Society of America. Anita and he were members of the Jefferson Baroque Orch. for some years, (period instruments), in Grants Pass, OR. When he didn't have some sort of fiddle under his chin, he edited & published music for viola d'amore.
Photos of Dan -Then & More Recently.

Tiberio, Albert '59 - '61 TRUMPET   a1tiberio@aol.com
Currently: Composer, Conductor, College Professor
(This entry dated 2/5/06)
226 Melrose Drive New Stanton, PA 15672   (724) 925-2694

Topolsky, Marvin '56 - '58 BASS
Studied at Juilliard with Fred Zimmerman. Played in the Houston Symphony under Stokowski. Most recently, played in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra under James Levine.

Toullis, Antonios '56 - '58 HORN   katetoullis@gmail.com
Currently: Has been living in Ireland for the past 30 years
Biographical details to follow
Riverside Cottage, Durras-Bantry, West Cork, Ireland Phone: 011-353-27-62949

Trombley, Dick 12/54 - 9/56OBOE, FLUTEtrombley@oregon.edu
Currently: Associate Professor Emeritus of music history, film, and flute at the University of Oregon (since 1963; retired in 2003)
Married best friend from high school in 1957; graduated from Juilliard in 1960; graduated from the Manhattan School of Music in 1962 with a db. Master's in both flute and musicology; started the Ph.D program at N.Y.U. in 1962; accepted a position at the U. of O. in music history and flute in 1963; past principal flute in Eug. Sym., Oregon Bach Fest., U. of O. W/W Quintet, etc; had two children; finished doctorate at Stanford University in Music history in 1971; left my wife and kids for this really cute guy in 1973; just finished 34 articles for an encyclopedia on 20th-cent.mus.
Link to Photo and Bio of Dick Trombley

Trubitt, Allen Roy 1954 CELLO
(The following comments are from a note by John White to Mel Ponzi - June, 2008):
Allen passed away at his home in Honolulu in May of 2008. He and I were stand partners in the cello section of 7ASO in the years 1954-56
After army days Allen earned a D.M.A. in composition at Indiana U., taught at Indiana U. of Pennsylvania, and then moved to Hawaii where he became Chair of the Music Department at the U. of Hawaii Manoa. He retired after he contracted Parkinson's disease several decades ago. He is survived by his wife Janice.
Among Allens many virtues were his wisdom and his deep consideration for other people. He was a true gentleman in every sense. Even though I seldom saw him after our Army days, I will miss his presence in this world. (end of comments)
Allen Roy Trubitt was born in 1931 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1954 he graduated from the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt U. with a master of music education degree, and began his professional musical life performing as a cellist with 7ASO. He then taught cello and music theory at Indiana State College in Pennsylvania. Trubitt did doctoral study at Indiana U. with Bernard Heiden, a disciple of Paul Hindemith. In the fall of 1964, Trubitt accepted a position at the U. of Hawaii at Manoa where he taught for over thirty years including two terms as chairman of the music department.
His compositional output included 2 symphonies, a symphonic poem for band, numerous chamber works, 6 piano sonatas, 2 violin sonatas, and sonatas for trumpet and saxophone. His choral work "An American Letter" won first prize in a state competition commemorating the Bicentennial of American independence. He co-authored several texts in music theory and ear training.
Although he had been suffering from Parkinsons' disease for the past twenty years, in March 2006 he had his "Nine Studies for Trumpet" published in the International Trumpet Guild Journal. When asked to describe his music in an interview in 1998 by Ruth Bingham of the "Star-Bulletin" newspaper on the occasion of an upcoming premiere titled "Birds of Passage" written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the music department at the U. of Hawaii, Trubitt responded, "All my life, I've never known what to tell people when they ask me what kind of music I write...I like to think that my music is easily accessible and that what I'm doing is fairly conservative. It's not earthshaking; it's just good listening."

Tucci, Paul R. '56 - '57 BASSOON
(From the 1996 reunion directory).
Played principal bassoon in the Houston Symphony for many years before he died. (Thanks to David Sweetkind for this information).

Tung, Ling '56 - '58 VIOLIN, CONDUCTOR
Ling Tung died on May 14, 2011 of complications from brain cancer. He was 78.
A violin prodigy who joined the Shanghai Philharmonic at age 14, Tung studied at the New England Conservatory and the Curtis Institute of Music after arriving Stateside in 1947. After graduating from Curtis, Tung played briefly in both the New Orleans Philharmonic and the Minneapolis Symphony, and then was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1956, ultimately ending up as conductor of the 7th Army Symphony. He spent several summers in the 1950s at the Marlboro Music Festival, where he met his wife, singer Margot Walk. In 1958 he began the first of six seasons in the Philadelphia Orchestra, after which he took up conducting in earnest, guesting in the U.S. And Asia. He also served as music director of the Hong Kong Philharmonic. He first came to Jackson Hole in 1967 to guest conduct; a year later he was named music director of the Grand Teton Music Festival, a post he retained until he retired in 1996. When Tung took over, chamber music and orchestral performances took place in a variety of mostly inadequate venues scattered around the valley. He and his wife, who was now running the festival’s business affairs, raised the money to build a concert hall on land donated by the Jackson Hole Ski Area in Teton Village. Festival Hall was opened in 1974.

Tyree, Ronald 5/58 - 8/59 BASSOON
Ron died on August 2, 2011. Before his stint in the 7ASO, he studied at the University of Iowa under Dr. Himie Voxman, world renowned woodwind educator, receiving his BA, MA and PhD. He continued his studies with Bernard Garfield, principal bassoonist with the Philadelphia Orchestra and with Louis Skinner, world famous expert on bassoon reeds. He was an assistant professor of music at Morningside College from 1959 to 1965. While in Sioux City, he directed the Siouxland Symphony Orchestra. From 1965 until his retirement in 1997, Ron was Professor of Bassoon and Saxophone at the University of Iowa. His students have held principal chairs in professional orchestras in the US, Mexico, Venezuela and Germany. Others have been professors of bassoon and saxophone in American universities. He appeared as a guest soloist with a number of orchestras and bands in Iowa, and was principal bassoonist of the Quad Cities Symphony for 37 years. He was a member of the Community of Christ congregation in Coralville and held the office of Evangelist. He also directed church choirs and musical groups. His faith and the expression of music when he performed revealed the deeply spiritual person that he was.

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Ulrich, Bill 6/58 - 6/60 OBOE billul@snet.net
Currently: Retired
Retired data processor; Play oboe in community orchestra; married Erika while in 7ASO; We enjoy entertaining our 11 grandchildren 38 years later.
26 Vicki Lane, Colchester, CT 06415-1041

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(From the 1996 reunion directory).

Valpreda, Ronald 4/54 - 2/56 VIOLIN
Founding member of I Solisti Veneti (Padua) - played with them for 20 years (Violin).
1st Viola at La Fenice Opera in Venice for 10 years.
Ron died March 13, 1999 in Verona, Italy, from leukemia. He was remembered by his professional colleages in Italy - a moment of silence at La Fenice and a memorial concert by the Chamber Orchestra of Padua. His wife, Jill, remains in Verona with their daughter Julia.
Photo of Ronald Valpreda  - late 1995, with daughter, Julia.
Memorial page
Rest in peace, old friend.

Van Cleave, Richard 2/56 - 2/59 TENOR SAX/CLARINET   evancleave@aol.com
Rank: Unknown
(This entry dated 12/30/07)
In 1958 Brussels Worlds Fair Tour:
In Indiana
308 South Cheryl Drive
Muncie, IN 47304-3440 (765) 289 9725
In Florida
4201 Sharon Way Sarasota, FL 34232 (941) 379 2787

Van Loon, Arthur ? - ? TRUMPET
(This entry dated 8/5/05)
Arthur passed away in 1996. Reported by Mel Ponzi, who spoke to his son.

Venman, William C. 4/53-c. - 1/54 HORN
After 7ASO he returned to Oberlin, married, taught music in Michigan for a few years, and then after doing graduate work at the U. of Mich. went to the U. of Mass. in 1962. He retired after a career as what he characterized as a "utility administrator" -- Dean of Admin., Director of the Summer Session, Director of Continuing Educ., etc. He continued to play horn with local ensembles for many years, but finally couldn't keep the chops up and turned to his secondary instrument, tuba, which he still played now and then. His wife and he founded the Valley Light Opera in 1975 and in the intervening years they produced and he conducted all of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas -- some multiple times -- plus a few others (like Sousa's "El Capitan"). He was also music director for a local Revels group. Sally and he had five children and nine grandchildren.

Voight, Clifford 1954 VIOLA
Deceased   Clifford died in 1999, as reported by Mel Ponzi, who spoke to his son.

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Walden, Stanley '56 - '57 CLARINET
After 20 years of free-lancing in NY (Philharmonic, Met, jingles, etc.), moved out of the city following success of OH! CALCUTTA! Started returning to Germany in 1970, composing for theater and film; founder of Musical Dep't. at Berlin HDK. Commissions included WEEWIS for Joffrey Ballet, INVISIBLE CITIES for Philadelphia Orch., CIRCUS for Louisville (also Ozawa & Chicago), etc. 2 operas, 6 musicals, lots of chamber music. Stanley now lives in Palm Springs, CA with Bobbie, his wife of 54 years.

Wasserman, Howard '58 - '60 ASST. CONDUCTOR, CLARINET
Thanks to Bill Merrell for reporting this, and to Dick Lawson for the following tribute:
Howard played first clarinet with 7ASO and conducted sporadically during Edward Lee Alley's tenure as conductor, and after separation from the army went on to study conducting with Herbert von Karajan. He was a dedicated musician and loved music with a passion. He died from injuries sustained in a climbing accident.

Watson, William E. ’56-’58 FLUTE
Following his discharge he played in Germany from 1958 to 1961 with the Bamberg Symphony, the South German Radio Orchestra and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra (where he performed with his teacher Willy Glas under Karl Münchinger and recorded Bach’s Brandenburg concertos). In 1962-1963, on returning to the US, he performed and recorded as first flutist in the American Symphony Orchestra in New York under Leopold Stokowski. In the mid-to-late 1960s, Watson performed and recorded with pianist Richard Kapp in New York, and together they produced the LP “Music for Flute and Keyboard” for Monitor Records. Watson worked for Young Audiences in New York from 1970 to 1987 (at one time serving as National Director of Music). In 1979 he formed the Trio Antara with cellist Byron Duckwall and harpist Sara Cutler. Together, they played under Albert Kay management at venues in New York such as Lincoln Center and the UN and received positive critical reviews in the New York Times (Nov. 11, 1979). Watson taught a substantial number of flute students in New York from the 1960s to the 1980s. After he moved to the West Coast in 1989, Watson reintroduced the album he produced with Richard Kapp as “The Lyrical Flute” (also Monitor) and produced another album entitled “Liam Watson.” Watson married bass player Mary I. Tripician, whom he met in the Indianapolis Symphony prior to joining the Seventh Army Symphony. Together, they had two sons, William, Jr. and Frank. Grandfather of four, Watson passed away in San Diego in 2015. (Bio written by Bills's son, Dr. William E. Watson).

Weber, LeRoy 1961 VIOLA hansweber@gmail.com
Currently:  Un-retired, making cases for string instrumen
(This entry updated 1/15/08 - email)
In college I was a violin major, made violins, and studied restoration with Hans Weisshaar in Hollywood. Immediately on graduation I got engaged to my wonderful wife and was drafted. We got married in Basel the following year. Played viola in the 7ASO because of the scarcity of violists. After the orchestra I taught music in a private academy in Auburn, WA for 5 years, then went to work for a violin maker in Seattle. After about 3 years he died and I opened up my own violin shop in Seattle for the next 10 years or so. During this time I developed the suspension system that you see in almost all violin/viola cases made today.  I sent one to Francais' shop in NY where Isaac Stern saw it, called me and wanted one, and we became good friends. I closed the violin shop and my 4 daughters and wife went into making violins and custom made string instruments full time. The business just stopped, so I retired and we moved to Piedmont, AL where I worked in my wife's brother's business sharpening carbide saw blades, which did not agree with me at all, so after a year we moved up to Calhoun, GA where I have un-retired and started case making again. This and chamber music are my first loves. We are both 71 now. My web page shows what we make. I still play and teach a little bit here and play the organ in a church in Calhoun.

Wehlan, John Walter '58 - 60 VIOLIN
John was taken by a sudden heart attack on November 17, 1996.
Julie W. Schroeder (forerly Wehlan) sent this news during the 2001 reunion search effort.

Weisser, Charles 19?? - 19?? VIOLIN
Charles played viola in the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra for many years and retired several years ago. He passed away sometime during the past year. Thanks to Jake Berg for reporting this (7/9/01).

West, Philip 12/55 - 12/56 OBOE, ENGLISH HORN
Deceased   (Reported on Feb. 27, 2005)
Several members reported that Phil died just before the Minneapolis reunion in 2004 (July).
At Eastman, director of the Eastman InterMusica Ensemble. Prepared many editions of solo and chamber music, including those for the final recording of his late wife, Jan DeGaetani, featuring songs of Mahler and Berlioz. Recitalist in U.S. and Britain, performing standard literature for oboe as well as premiers of solo and chamber works. A leading free-lance performer in NYC and a member of the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, the Boehm Quintet, the Festival Winds, and the NY Pro Musica under Noah Greenberg (treble and alto shawm). A founder of the Bloomingdale Concert Series. Peformed often with NY Philharmonic, Symphony of the Air, Mostly Mozart Festival, and orchestras of NYC Ballet & Opera. Author of the article on oboe in Colliers Encylopedia. Recorded for major record labels.

Whalin, John Robert '59 - '60 PIANO   jw21@swt.edu
Currently: Professor of Music.
I was married to Mary Case in Dec. 1960, studied in NY with Mieczyslaw Munz 1960-62; went to Indiana U. for my Doctorate in Piano Performance (DM 1969) - have 2 children - Robert Brent Whalin and Mary Kimberly Whalin - two grand-children and have done a lot of playing as well as chair of the Humanities area for the university. Will go on modified retirement in Dec. 2000, so we have more time to travel. Was chair of the keyboard division for 25 years before taking over the directorship of the humanities area.
108 Laurel Ridge   San Marcos, TX 78666

White, Henry ? VIOLIN
(This entry dated 6/5/05)
Henry passed awas some years ago. Details are not known. Thanks to Dave Sweetkind for reporting this. This was in response to Mel Ponzi's search for missing members for the 2006 reunion.

White, John 1/55 - 9/56 'CELLO   jwhite48@earthlink.net
Rank ?
Currently: Professor Emeritus, University of Florida
7ASO Principal Cellist under Ronald Ondrejka and Henry Lewis.
B.A., Magna Cum Laude, U. of Minnesota; Ph.D. and M.A. in Composition and Performers Certificate in Cello from Eastman. Taught composition, and my music has been performed by major orchestras in the U.S. and Europe. A new choral work, "O Sing to the Lord a New Song" was recently published by Schirmer, and "Summer Storm Madrigals" received a premiere at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, March, 1998. Concertized as a soloist and in chamber music. Served for many years as principal cellist of the Akron Orchestra under Louis Lane, and as principal cellist of the Eastman Philharmonia under Howard Hanson. Most recently, served as cellist of the Florida Arts Trio and the Florida Baroque Ensemble. Perform on 5 string violoncello piccolo and explore the literature for that instrument. Author of numerous books on music. In 1996, held a Fulbright Research Fellowship to Reykjavik, and in 1997 was appointed Fellow of the American Scandinavian Foundation for research on recent Nordic music. Now under contract for 2 new books both of which will be out in 2001. Recently lectured at major conservatories in the Nordic countries and served as visiting professor at the U. of Innsbruck in 1994.
29862 Troutdale Park Pl., Evergreen, CO 80439   (303) 679-1304

Wiand, Thomas M. '54 - '55 'CELLO
Most recently: DDS, Pennsylvania
He was still playing and conducting an orchestra at his church.

Willaman, Ken 9/59 - 12/60 'CELLO
Ken passed away in Baltimore in August of 2000, apparently of cancer.
Member of Baltimore Symphony for 37 years.
A Mahler freak. Visited and photographed all of the small cottages in which he wrote all the Symphonies from 2 to 10.

Williams, John R. 5/56 - 6/57 VIOLIN   JWILL34449@aol.com
Currently: Retired - Emeritus Professor of French, University of New Orleans
Although I did not pursue music as a career (I became a university professor of French language and literature), I continued to study violin from time to time over the years and have played in various orchestras all of my life. After retiring from my academic position in 1996, I joined the Gulf Coast Symphony (located in Biloxi, MS) and also serve as Personnel Manager.
125 Palm Ave., Pass Christian, MS 39571

Wills, Robert '52 - '55 TUBA
Bob's death on July 14, 2010 was reported by his son Clarence. Bob enlisted in the Navy ten days after Pearl Harbor and served in the Pacific during World War II. He was part of the armada of ships preparing for the invasion of Japan. He was discharged from the Navy at the end of the war only to again serve his country by joining the Army. He served over 20 years in the Army, including three years in the 7ASO, and retired in 1963 at White Sands Missile Range. He then worked in the computer department at New Mexico State University and played double bass in the New Mexico State University symphony for 9 years. He and his wife Nina were married for 67 years. Classical music was a long time passion as were cooking, crossword puzzles, and enjoying the outdoors at his Cloudcroft cabin.

Winzenburger, Walter ? - ? VIOLA
Walter passed away in December of 2000, not long after retiring - per the president's office at Baldwin Wallace College (reported by Mel Ponzi).

Wolf, Charles ? - ? FLUTE/PICCOLO
Charles passed away sometime before 1992, as reported by Harlow Hopkins.

Wolfrom, Lyle C. 9/53 - 2/55 'CELLO
Deceased, 2016
Lyle received his BM in Cello from the University of Kansas in 1952. After his stint in the 7th Army Symphony, he played for a season with the Kansas City Philharmonic, then entered graduate school at Indiana University, receiving his M.M. in cello and bass in 1958. From 1958 to 1960, he was assistant professor of cello at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, then from 1960 to his retirement in 1993 he was professor of cello, bass, and chamber music at Eastern Kentucky University. The Fort Scott, Kansas High School Class of '47 celebrated their 50th reunion Oct. 3-5, 1997. Lyle Wolfrom, Olympic Cellist performed at the assembly. Onward, the Grandpa 7ASO Bear, was living with him in Kentucky. Forward was with Al Gove in California.

Work, Joseph '55 - '56 VIOLA
Obtained his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Michigan. Dr. Work taught in the Music Department of Western Michigan University and was principal violist with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra for thirty five years.

Wotten, Gerald '53-c. - '54-c. TUBA
Known as "Jerry" to his friends, he was a member during the orchestra's early years. He was also a member of the USMA Band at West Point. He played Sousaphone, Tuba, and String Bass in dance groups. He died of Cancer in the Keller Hospital at West Point, and is buried in the nearby cemetery. Thanks to Regis Cronauer for calling this to our attention and to Abby Mayer, a close friend of Jerry, for further information.

Wygant, David M. 1958 FLUTE/PICCOLO   dmwygant@yahoo.com
Currently: Retired.
Sales Management Various TV Stations. Small Business Owner.
213 N. Berkshire, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302   (248) 333-2244

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Yalanis, Tom '58 - '59 VIOLIN
Tom died of cancer in 1994, as reported by Ralph Lane.  He is survived by his wife Melanie.

Yang, John ? - ? CELLO
John's death in September 2009 was reported by Daniel Thomason
John was born in 1933, in Suchow, China. His father was a doctor; his grandfather a Shanghai businessman. His family emigrated to England in 1937, and then to America in 1939. He grew up in New York City and was a naturalized U.S. citizen. He entered Harvard College in 1950, and after his freshman year he traveled cross-country to take Minor White's summer class at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco. He was taught the rudiments of view camera technique and Ansel Adams' Zone System. After graduating from Harvard in 1954, where he majored in Philosophy, he went on to the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained his professional degree in architecture in 1957. After his stint in the 7ASO, he returned to New York and commenced his practice of architecture, first as a draftsman, and eventually as a partner in his own architectural firm. But he had always wanted to be a photographer, and in 1978 he retired from architectural practice and devoted his life to photography. His work was presented in various museums and private collections, and in two exhibits at Norbert Kleber's Underground Gallery in New York. A web site with his photography and other information is maintained by his daughter Naomi.

Yelvington, James 7/57 - 11/58 TUBA
I've taught in the graduate schools of UCLA and Okla. State Univ., but it's been a while now. I no longer play tuba, but stroke the piano keys and strum my guitar. And I listen to lots of classical CDs, offering up occasional reviews on Amazon. I read also, but not too ambitiously, and enjoy a good number of friendships, including some Spanish speakers. (I taught a semester in Venezuela some years ago and learned the language in that connection.)

Yoksh, Mike 9/60 - 3/62 COMPANY CLERK
Specialist E5
Currently: Sales - Muzak Affiliate Wyoming
I Was there at the closing of 7ASO - 3/62.
Married 37 years. Judy is my wife's name. Four children - now all living away from home. Spent about 40 years in Grocery business, both owning my own store in Cheyenne and managing stores in Colorado and Wyoming. Have been in sales for about 7 years. See you in September!
6129 Kerry Avenue, Cheyenne WY 82009

Young, Donald 1/59 - 8/60 TROMBONE donaldyoung1@mac.com
Currently: Sacramento City College faculty and performance.
After playing trombone with the 7ASO, Don spent several years in New York City as a freelance trombonist playing Broadway musicals, recording, touring with the Bolshoi Ballet and several jazz and pop bands. After moving to California Don continues to perform as well as teach at Sacramento City College. He will be teaching in Paris next spring.
5941 Kifisia Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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Zeitlin, Sidney '57 - '59 FLUTE
This tribute by Dick Lawson:
Sid was the piccolo player in the L.A. Philharmonic before induction into the army. During his 7ASO stint as first flutist, I remember him playing a Telemann Concerto with the orchestra. After leaving the army he gained the principal flute position with the Minneapolis Symphony, a post he held until he had a major heart attack. Sid was a wonderful musician and flutist, posessed of a beautiful tone quality.

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