7th Army Symphony, 1958 -1959
(Courtesy of Carol Bernhardt)
Unless otherwise indicated, descriptions are left to right

Donald Bernhardt
Don Bernhardt
Denmark, November, 1959 - pigeons in København square

Beethoven Duet in Brussels
Kaserne in Brussels -
Don & Fred Shoup playing Beethoven -
duo with 2 eye-glasses obligato
Peter at Villa Berg
Stuttgart - Don at Villa Berg -
site of many 7ASO recordings

Bavarian Carnival
At a Bavarian carnival -
Don sent this photo to his sister, with no names given -
your help in identification is welcome

Bob Muzatko
Bob Muzatko and 23.5 liters

Don at Colberg
Don at Colberg Schloss June 59
Bob Muzatko, John Yang, Dan Thomason
Bob Muzatko, John Yang, Dan Thomason at Kreuzberg monastery 3/59

Kreuzberg Monastery
Kreuzberg Monastery 1959

Don at Schwabisch Gmund
Don at Schwäbisch Gmünd 1958
Sheridon Stokes
Sheridon Stokes, Wildflecken 59

Don & unknown
Don Bernhardt & ??

Don & Art Follows in Copenhagen, Fall 1958
Belgian Band
Brussels, October 1958 - Belgian band
In bus door: Dick Lawson, Don Hancock,
Ted Kaitchuck, John Yang

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