Photos from 1955-56
Courtesy of Harold (Lynn) Britten
(Descriptions, unless otherwise noted, are from left to right)

The Warrior
The Bruce Degen few people knew about!
The Warrior - informal attire?

7ASO Violas
The Viola Section

Harold (Lynn) Britten
Harold Britten sits out a number.
7ASO Fashion
Anonymous trombonist in off-duty attire -
name withheld to protect the guilty.

Holland Visit
Holland Tour - 1956
(Lynn Britten, Paul Ondraceck, Bruce Degen, Chuck Hall)

Henry Lewis
Henry Lewis in rehearsal.
3 Bassoons
Bassoonists three - Mainz, Germany
(Bruce Degen, Mickey Lockner, Lynn Britten)

Dillingham & Bus
Holland, 1956
Dalnton Dillingham doubles as bus decoration.

Bassoon Duets
Lynn & Mickey duetting,
Art Grossman looking on.
Luxembourg, I think -

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