Photos from 1955 - 56
From Stephen Clark, sent in by Andi Gooch
(All descriptions are left to right)

Ron Ondrejka with the 1955 orchestra
Rainbow over Patch Barracks.

Stuttgart Staatstheater
Stuttgart Staatstheater

Froelich, Andrix
Ralph Froelich (with krumme Hund)
and George Andrix, in winter mufti
Felberg, Clark, Fader, Goldberg
Lenny Felberg (violin), Stephen Clark (cello),
Larry Fader (viola), Ira Goldberg (bass)

Violists from 1955-56
Jim Fawcett and wife, Larry Fader,
Karl Allred with wife and daughter
Goldberg, Clark
Ira Goldberg and Stephen Clark on a Rhine cruise

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