Photos by David Furholmen
('Cello, 1956 -58)

Beer wagon
Beer wagon in Rastatt (brewery unknown -- not Schwabenbräu)
Taken in November 1956, shortly after I joined the orchestra

Versailles Theater, Paris, March 29, 1957
Cellos, front to back, right to left:  John Sant'Ambrogio, Steve McGhee
Alan Cisco, Ed Basson
Dave Lepard, David Furholmen
Joe Paladino, Art Schenck
Principal bass: Charley Hoag
Violists: Dan Barach, David Njaa

Antal Dorati drills the violins for a concert in Stuttgart
October, 1957

'7ASO Vacation
Three Cellists Near the French Riviera
April, 1957
Because the orchestra gave only about 100 concerts a year, we had much free time.
While on tour in the south of France several of us rented motor scooters and rode from Nice
up into the mountains. The cellists are David Lepard, John Sant' Ambrogio and myself.

Bus Wreck
Nov. 22, 1957: Serious bus crash that injured 5 musicians near Phillipsburg,
a town equidistant from Karlsruhe, Mannheim, and Heidelberg

Cello Scraps
My cello, which was rented, ended up
in 24 pieces and was unrepairable.

1958.... possibly taken by Mrs. Art Schenck
'Cellists: Paladino, Lazar, Furholmen
Bassists: Far left, Eustis J. Guillemet, Ben Patterson, Jules M. Hirsh, James L Clute
(Thanks to Edward Alley for identifying Ben Patterson)

Baden Baden
Probably taken by Mrs. Art Schenck
Concert in Baden Baden in early 1958

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