Photos from 1957-58
Courtesy of Alan H. Goldman
(All descriptions left to right)

Ling Tung Rehearsal
Ling (Linguini) Tung et al at rehearsal.

Paul Tucci
The late Paul Tucci, (Bassoon)

Alan Goldman
Alan Goldman
How's this for the "Neat Soldier" award?
At Alexander's
Famous German horn player at Alexander's.

Troops are Lectured
Listening to a lecture at Patch
Our mighty trumpeteers

Horn & Basses
Howard Hillyer, Bob Sharon,
Eustis Guillemet, Milton Nadel
Tony Toullis
Tony Toullis

Steve McGhee
Steve McGhee

Cryptic Message
Bob Bogenschutz, Dick Atkins,Tony Miller
Does the spelling bring back memories?
Bill Henderson & ?
Bill Henderson, & (possibly) Dick Atkins

MP Rhubarb
On the way to Berlin - a run-in with MPs.
A long, funny story.

No Name Group
No names given for this photo.

Bus Riders
Art Grossman, Dick Berman, Ed Basson, Fred Gruenebaum

Joe in pensive Mood
Pensive Joe Paladino
Joe Plays
Paladino plays

Mystery Percussionist
Don't remember who this is -
just that he was in percussion.
Doug Overland
Doug Overland (Pierre)

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