Photos from 1955-58
Courtesy of Fred Gruenebaum

Happily devouring a Bauernfrühstück -
Daniel Barach (L) & Jack Katz (R)

Full Orchestra Rehearsal
Rehearsal in downtown Stuttgart, somewhere, with Henry Lewis conducting, circa 1955.

Patch Barracks Cutups
Levity in the "back room" at Patch - 1956.
Charley Hoag (r.), Tom Scott (l.), & Ralph Froelich (bg.) "reason" with Fred.

7ASO Rehearsal
A whole bunch of gang players (violinists, too numerous to name).

Monastery Visit
A monastery (Maria Loch) somewhere in Germany
7ASO had been given a 2 week blanket leave because there was nothing to do.
(l. to r.) Norbert Siegel, Bill Bruni, David Njaa, Bob Quinn, Father ???, John Scecina.
We went there to play chamber music with the monks.

Parthenon Scene
Athens, Greece Keith Bryan emulates the
7 sisters at the Parthenon
Rehearsal Scene
Bird's-eye rehearsal view - I can recognize Harvey Boatwright - 2nd flute, Keith Bryan - 1st flute, Fred Gruenebaum - 1st oboe, Bill Love - 2nd oboe, Mel Ponzi & Charlie Hoag, bass

7ASO Lands
A bunch of us arriving somewhere from somewhere else. I can remember the following guys: Paul Tucci, Bill Watson, Jack Katz, me, Clare Rayner, Myron Rosenblum, Robert Gerrero, Tom Scott. The little guy peering between Paul Tucci and Bill Watson is the driver, Roy. (Webmaster's note: Richard Rusack is at top of ramp at far left - ID provided by Richard, The person holding the coat hanger is Chuck Talley - ID provided by Howard Hillyer).

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