7th Army Symphony Photo Gallery

Photos from 1953 - 54, courtesy of John Leite

Leite, Klonel
John Leite, Ron Klonel on the ship to Germany

Serbagi, Moseley, Leite, deRosier

Schermerhorn Fidelio rehearsal German band
German band, with Jon, Ken, others

Leite, Mabry Vaihingen brewery

Photos from later, back in the States

Boston reunion
Boston Rathskeller:
John Leite, Bill Gafney, Midhat Serbagi, Richard Serbagi ~ Reunion!

Amram, Leite
David Amram, John Leite / Lowell City Library re: Jack Kerouac
Leite, Amram
John Leite / David Amram
100th Anniversary of
Lowell Musicians #83 AFM which then became
Merrimack Valley Musicians #300 AFM.

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