They occur from time to time

April 5, 2005 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Tom, Bob, John
Tom Slattery, Bob Jones, John Canarina

June 9, 2004 - Minneapolis, International Viola Congress

Daniel, John, Myron, Doug
Daniel Barach, John Kolpitke, Myron Rosenblum, Doug Overland.
Myron gave a lecture-concert on the viola d'amore and played a piece with Dan.
(Photo courtesy of Myron Rosenblum)

September 2000 - New York

Michael, Kenneth, David
The Nashville Symphony Orchestra plays Carnegie Hall (to excellent notices) -
attending were 7ASO vets Michael Comins, (l.), David Amram (r.) -
shown here with the late Conductor Kenneth Schermerhorn
(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

1999 - Berlin

Moll, Stern, Comins, Moor, Comins
American pianist Philip Moll, Berlin Philharmonic asst. concertmaster Hellmut Stern,
Barbara Comins, Paul Moor (erstwhile soloist with the 7ASO), Mike Comins
(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

September 25, 1999 - New York  
Members of the 1954-55 orchestra living in the NYC area met at the home of Mike & Barbara Comins in Manhattan. Also present - your vacationing webmeister and wife, Nancy. Mike and Barbara went all out to arrange things and provide a lavish spread, and our thanks go to them. Some of these people had not seen each other since the Stuttgart days, 45 years ago.
(Photos by Michael Comins, Ron & Nancy Rhodes)

Some Snapshots of the Evening
(all descriptions are left to right)

Mike & Barbara
Our hosts, Barbara & Mike Comins
Ron & Gene
Ron Rhodes, Eugene Becker
(photo by M.C.)
Dave Irving
Dave Irving reflects.
Kathy & Darrell
Katherine Huttenbach, Darrell Irving

Nancy, Midhat, Rae
Nancy Rhodes, Midhat Serbagi, Rae Becker

Henry Huttenbach
What did it all mean?
Henry suggests that it was the 7ASO
that really stopped the cold war.
Charles, Sylvia
Charles & Sylvia Briefer came in from Connecticut.
(Photo by M.C.)

NYC Mini-Reunion
"No, that's not the way it was."
(In left foreground with back to camera - Henry Huttenbach).
Judy Pinsker, Dave Irving, Adam Pinsker,
Eugene Becker, Midhat Serbagi (no, he's not deaf).

May 4, 1998 - New York

NYC Meeting
John Canarina, Michael Comins, Robert Johnson, Chris Earnest, Adam Pinsker
have a sit-down at a Westside neighborhood restaurant.
(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

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