More Snapshots from 1955
For those old enough to remember
Photos courtesy of Chris Earnest (photographers unknown)
(Unless otherwise noted, all people named are left to right)

Symphony Group
Shown in center of photo are Alan Staples, Ralph Froelich
(peering around), Channing Kempf and Michael Colgrass (glasses).
Location unknown.
Pinsker, Burke
Captain Burke (escort officer) and
Adam Pinsker (cello, piano, admin., percussion)

Chris Earnest
1955 photo from the Main Line Times, Ardmore, PA

CPE rehearsing CPE practicing

Chris Earnest in Patch Barracks, 1955. Members or small groups often practiced or rehearsed in the barracks. If memory serves, the left photo was taken during a rehearsal of the wind quintet arrangement of the Beethoven Sextet, Op. 71, beginning of the 2nd movement. The other photo shows a then-new Eb parforce horn built by Gebr. Alexander in Mainz

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