Various Snapshots from 1954-55
For those old enough to remember
Photos by Don Harrow, Neil Roth, Earl Mitchell, Ron Rhodes Regis Cronauer, & Chris Earnest
(Unless otherwise noted, all people named are left to right)

Bruce Harvey Elledge
The late Harvey (Bruce) Elledge -
he always came up with ways to entertain us while on the road.

Bass Section Photo
Get Them Basses
Darius Thieme, Ira Goldberg, Don Harrow, Dave Moore - in action!

The Combat Cello
The Combat Cello (Earl Mitchell's version)
Dave Amram, Lyle Wolfrom,
Dave Moore (below) & Earl North

Bass Section
Dress rehearsal at Stuttgart.

Neil Roth, John White
1st stand, Neil Roth, (r.) & John White (l.)
(Note fine collection of Abziehbilder on case)

Earl North
Earl North
(NOT a viola player!)
Neil Roth, flying 'cellist
Neil Roth boards a C-119 Flying Boxcar
for "Concert Ports" unknown, 1954

Neil on Sunday walk in woods -
near Patch Barracks, 1954

Cheerful Group
Why are these men wearing suits and ties?
(Dave Moore, Lt. Ortiz-Torrez, Max Foner)
Formal Supper
Some occasions were more formal than others...
(Regis Cronauer, Jim Badger, Janice & Stan Plummer)

Beer Drinkers
All dressed up (but still drinking beer).
Mel Flanzman at lower left, Ken Schermerhorn & Earl Mitchell looking back,
Couples are Rae & Gene Becker, Janice & Stan Plummer.

Off Duty Spiel
Some off duty fun.
Mel Flanzman, Ron Rhodes, George Andrix, Richard Schreck, Lloyd Greenberg,
Ken Schermerhorn, Len Berkal, Jack Coan (obscured), Bob Wills.

PX Coffee Break
In O.D. or mufti, coffee breaks were popular.
At center, the late Bill Ondrick -
to his left, Ralph Froelich, James Mabry.

Don wins some Champagne
Somewhere in France - Don Harrow wins a bottle of Champagne at the Wine Fair

Allen Gove
Allen Gove did not play percussion in 7ASO,
but that didn't stop him from posing for this photo.

Dave & Earl
Berets were big stuff in 1954-55,
as seen on Dave Moore & Earl North

Don Black
There were even times for calm reflection.
Here, Don Black (Clarinet) takes a break in the Passau theater courtyard

Adam Pinsker
When we were not playing concerts, practicing or carousing,
most of us had our pensive moments.
Here, Adam Pinsker enjoys such a moment.

(Photos below by the late Ronald Valpreda, courtesy of Susanna Valpreda)

7ASO members and friends
Allen Gove, Usch, Doris, Ronald Valpreda
Arthur Bloom
Schwbisch Gmnd,
Arthur A. Bloom, clarinet -
now living in Seattle

Don & Ron
Stuttgart, 1954 - Don Black & Ron Rhodes -
patronize one of the classier places

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