The NATO Tour - 1955

These photos are from the program booklet for Italy - March & April, 1955
(Pisa, Genova, Torino, Milano, Bergamo, Verona, Firenze, Roma, Ancona, Napoli)
"A cura dell' U.S. Information Service - Roma."
Photos from original army prints for the booklet, courtesy of Regis Cronauer

The 1955 Nato Tour Orchestra
Photo had to be hurriedly retouched at army's expense to get rid of "unsuitable" background.

Il Complesso da Camera
Il Complesso da Camera della VII Armata
(Norman Paulu, Ronald Valpreda, Jacob Berg, Henry Huttenbach, Allen Gove, Paul McEnderfer)

Kenneth Schermerhorn
Serg. Kenneth D. Schermerhorn,
Dirrettore dell'orchestra sinfonica della VII Armata
Ronald Ondrejka
Soldato Ronald Ondrejka,
Maestro Sostituto
Stanley Plummer
Sold. Stanley Plummer,
violino solisto
Lewis Kaplan
Sold. Lewis Kaplan,
primo violino
Jacob Berg
Sold. Jacob Berg,
Henry Huttenbach
Sold. Henry Huttenbach,
Allen Gove
Sold. Allen Gove,
Paul McEnderfer
Sold. Paul McEnderfer,

Edinburgh Kiosk
Edinburgh, Scotland - our poster
(Photo courtesty of Tom Crown)
Tea in Scotland
At left, Don Harrow, Earl Mitchell to his right -
extreme right is James Lienhard, Glen Soellner in foreground
(Photo courtesty of Ron Rhodes)

Photos courtesy of Susanna Valpreda

Nato Tour Begins

Loading the Bus
The orchestra leaves Patch for Strasbourg.
Nato Tour Ends

Return Flight
Proper attire for the flight from Naples
(Paul McEnderfer, Ronald Valpreda)

7ASO in Denmark
Nykbing F., Denmark - July, 1955
A kiosk advertises our concert
The townspeople graciously put us up in their homes
Shown - Phil Naegele, Ronald Valpreda, Henry Huttenbach,
Paul McEnderfer, Jacob Berg, John White

Ancona, Italy
Training for the Tour de France?
not really - enjoying some time off in Ancona, Italy
are Allen Gove, Henry Huttenbach and Jake Berg

(Photo courtesy of Earl Mitchell)

Concert in Palazzo Vecchio - the "Room of the 500"

Florence Concert
Kenneth Schermerhorn conducts

All was not work - there was also sightseeing

2 Daves in Italy
La Spezia, Italy - a stop for lunch on the Italian Riviera -
Dave Moore and Dave Irving check out the fishing boats
(photo courtesy of Tom Crown)
Gove in Pisa
Al Gove at the first stop in Italy
(photo supplied by Ron Rhodes)
Jack Coan, Tom Crown
Milano - Jack Coan and Tom Crown relax near the Duomo
(photo courtesy of Tom Crown)

Ken Schermerhorn, Dave Irving
Ken Schermerhorn & Dave Irving,
Piazza della Signoria, Florence.
(photo courtesy of Dave Irving)
Norman Paulu, Verona
Norman Paulu visits Verona's Castelvecchio
(photo courtesy of Susanna Valpreda)

When in Rome........
(photo courtesy of Don Black)

Ron Rhodes takes up the Italian ways, more or less

Ron in Italy
The hat, a cheap imitation of a Borsalino, was purchased in a Genoa hat shop.
When the orchestra returned to Stuttgart, it was often borrowed (why?) by other members.

Arrival in Belfast
(photo courtesy of Tom Crown)

Arrival in Belfast
Henry Huttenbach, Norman Paulu, Ron Valpreda, Jake Berg, Don Black, Gene Becker, Ed Myers, Lenny Berkal, Mel Flanzman

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