U. S. 7th Army Symphony
The 1954 - 1955 Orchestra

(Photo courtesy of Earl North)

Beethoven Septet
Chamber music was often played in the room where we also slept -
Clockwise from extreme left - Lyle Wolfrom, Ron Ondrejka,
bass player is possibly Don Harrow, but unsure -
Oscar Hauser, Abby Mayer, Earl North, Lloyd Greenberg

(Photos courtesy of Tom Crown)

7ASO Winds
An overhead view of the symphony wind section, 1955 -
concert location unknown

Concerto Rehearsal
1955, Kenneth Schermerhorn leads rehearsal with Stanley Plummer as soloist -
location not known

Mike Colgrass
1955 - Michael Colgrass (Tympani) -
brass players are Ed Meyers, Ron Hasselman, Ralph Froelich.

(Photos courtesy of Susanna Valpreda)

Nykobing posters
Danish Tour - Nykøbing, July 1955
7ASO Chamber Ensemble clockwise from upper left:
Phil Naegele, Ron Valpreda, Henry Huttenbach, John White, Jake Berg, Paul McEnderfer
Phil Naegele
Bonn, Germany - Sept. 1955
Concertmaster Phil Naegele picks an odd place to relax

(Photos courtesy of Darrell Berg)

Michael Colgrass reacting to unknown stimulus

Henry Huttenbach, Jake Berg, Joe Suchomel, Dick Trombley, John Giattino

Entrance to Patch
A familiar sight (site) for orchestra members

7ASO Chamber Ensemble
The strings of the 7ASO Chamber Ensemble:
Norman Paulu, Ron Valpreda, Al Gove, Paul McEnderfer

Informal Concert
Informal Concert:
Tom Crown (sitting), Mel Flansman, George Andrix, Lloyd Greenberg

Tour bus
NATO Tour bus in France
Don Black, Ralph Lutz, Ron Rhodes (hidden), Joe Suchomel, Art Durham, Chris Earnest (partially hidden)

Abby Mayber
Abby Mayer eschewing the Army bus

Gove, Forward, Rhodes
Al Gove and Ron Rhodes with Forward and unexplained instrument cases

Photos courtesy of Regis Cronauer

Leonard & Earl'
Warming up for concert -
Leonard Berkal & Earl North in a strange setting

Orchestra 1955
A rehearsal in 1955
From left: Henry Huttenbach, Don Black, Neil Roth, Ralph Lutz,
Chris Earnest, Joe Suchomel, Joe Giattino, Al Gove, Dick Trombley
Ron Rhodes is behind Don Black; Jake Berg is behind Neil Roth
and Dave Irving is behind Jake

1954-55, Kaiserslautern
Kaiserlautern Concert:   Kenneth Schermerhorn - conductor, Stanley Plummer - soloist.

Suntan Concert
Kenneth Schermerhorn and orchestra take a bow - concert location not known

Paul Moor, Soloist
Paul Moor, an American civilian living in Munich,
performed the 3rd Bartok concerto
with 7ASO on a tour of W. Germany.(1954)

(Photo courtesy of Don Black)

Don Black relaxes at Patch
Don Black, from his perch on the lower bunk
at Patch Barracks, studies a travel guide.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

7ASO Wolf Pack
The 7th Army Symphony had somewhat of a reputation as a bunch of wolves.
Demonstrating the absurdity of this idea are: Don Harrow,
James Mabry, Oscar Hauser, Michael Comins & Joseph Suchomel.

(Photo courtesy of Mel Ponzi)

Ken Schermerhorn reacting to some high jinks in the orchestra
(perhaps Jack Coan skulking around in back as a private eye?)

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