The Passau Festival of 1954

Slide prints courtesy of Susanna Valpreda

KPD Audition
"Onkel Bruce" (Harvey Bruce Elledge) with Passau children
Mel Flanzman is at extreme right

Ron & Children
Ronald Valpreda poses with the children near our quarters.

Photos courtesy of Kenneth DeRosier

KPD On The March
The actual march of the KPD (Kinder Partei Deutschlands)
The late Harvey Elledge leads the group of Passau Children,
demanding Freedom, Brotherhood and More Sweets!
Jerry Pollack at extreme right

Fidelio Rehearsal
Conductor Schermerhorn pauses during a long Fidelio rehearsal

Photos courtesy of Jerry Pollack

Birth of the KPD
Another view of Elledge & the children

Impromptu Concert
An impromptu concert for the children
in front of our Passau quarters.

Passau Rehearsal
The 1954 Passau Festival -
ghostlike cello cases seem to look on . . . . .
Kenneth Schermerhorn leads a rehearsal.

Photo courtesy of Don Harrow

Concert Rehearsal
Tchaikovsky Concerto
Kenneth Schermerhorn, Stanley Plummer

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