7th Army Symphony
The Mini-Reunion in Portland, Oregon (c.1996), & other photos
(Photos courtesy of Mel Ponzi)
(All descriptions left to right, unless otherwise indicated)

Reunion Group
(The Group. Standing): Sonny Lang, Grant Hagestedt, Jerome Magill, Dalton Dillingham, David Furholmen,
John Canarina, Stu Dempster, Bob Rushford, ?, Marcel Demiranda
(Kneeling): Leo Frankel, John Hitchings, Mel Ponzi, Dave Sweetkind, Len Felberg.

Fearsome Foursome
Fearsome Foursome -
Lang, Ponzi, Magoo (Magill) & Dill (Dillingham)

Reunion Group
What a group -
Jerome Magill, Dave Sweetkind, Sonny Lang & Mel Ponzi

Dave, Sonny, Jerome
Jazz trio -
Dave Sweetkind on Piano, Sonny Lang on Drums, & Jerome Magill on Bass

Dalton Dillingham
Dalton Dillingham
brought his "practice" bass with him -
travels kind of light doesn't he?
Reunion Duo
Fabulous, Davey & Magoo

Portland Reunion
Two famous fiddle players, Lennie Felberg & Leo Frankel

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