7th Army Symphony
Very Early 1954 or before
Unless otherwise indicated, descriptions are left to right

(Photos by Paul Moor, courtesy of Regis Cronauer)

Warming up
A typical warm-up session,
violinist is probably the late Alan Reed (1952-53)
(thanks to Jack Monchecourt for I.D.)
Unknown Tympanist
Probably Jules Greenberg,
who played under James Dixon

Regis on bass drum
1953 or earlier - percussionist is Regis Cronauer (con brio)
Pianist is Don Glaser
(I.D. provided by Ed Retzler)
Gerald Wotten
1953 or early 1954 - Gerald Wotten in rehearsal

(Following photos courtesy of Earl North)

Brewery Group
(Foreground) - the late Bruce Harvey Elledge -
(Background) - Earl North, Lyle Wolfrom, Regis "Pappy" Cronauer.

Rehearsal Group
Front Row: Unknown, James Broadhurst, Earl North, Harvey Adams -
Back Row: 2 unknowns, Dave Amram, unknown, Kenneth Schermerhorn

Mitropolous Party
Early Orchestra History - Stuttgart - Dec. 17, 1953
Dimitri Mitropoulos vistits with 7ASO members -
his influence was crucial to the orchestra's existence
(l. to r.) 3 unknown people, Lyle Wolfram, James Dixon, Mitropoulos, Bruce MacDougall, Earl North

7ASO Concert
James Dixon conducts - date and location not known...

(Following photos courtesy of Regis Cronauer)

Alten Kameraden
Regis Cronauer, David Amram, Kenneth Schermerhorn
(location unclear - possibly Heidelberg, possibly Stuttgart)

Brass and Batterie in the early 7th Army Symphony

7AO R & R
The symphony was known to relax once in a while
Bruce & Bill warm up
The very first days of the orchestra -
The late Bruce MacDougall, English Horn, Bill Gaffney, oboe

James Dixon Concert
James Dixon leads an early concert

Dixon Rehearsal
A James Dixon Rehersal

Dixon Rehearses
Here, James Dixon rehearses the 7th Army Symphony
(For some reason, the first violins are not playing)

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