Photos from 1953 - 54 courtesy of Ed Retzler

Thanks also to Jerry Pollack, Dave Irving, Michael Comins,
and Ken DeRosier for supplying members' names.

Photo 1
Sittin' on the corner ...Don Black, Clifford Voight, Earl Mitchell, Fred Clem

Photo 2
Earl Mitchell, Don Black

Photo 3
Loading up the luxurious tour bus in Mannheim:
In khakis: Earl North, Don Button      In OD's: Don Koch, ??, Ed Retzler (leaning on bus)

Photo 4
Don Glazer, Ed Retzler

Photo 5
Don Koch and Ed Retzler check out
the opera poster on the Litfaßsäule

Photo 6
Alan Reed and wife

Photo 7
Percy Kalt, Clifford Voight

Photo 8
Clifford Voight, Percy Kalt

Photo 9
Don Koch, Ed Retzler

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