The Silver Anniversary Reunion
August, 1977   --   Washington, D. C.


All photos on this page courtesy of Regis Cronauer
(All descriptions are left to right, unless otherwise stated)

1977 Reunion Concerts

Dixon, Kaplan, Cronauer, Pollack
James Dixon, Lew Kaplan,
Regis Cronauer, Jerry Pollack
Percussion Section
Bob Quinn, -
the late Bruce MacDougall at far right

Jack Monchecourt in center,
holding clarinet upright -
to his right, Tom Slattery fixing reed.

Center, Jerry Pollack,

Far right, Nadine Monchecourt, 'cellist.

In center, with bow in air - possibly, George Orner

At left, Sam Adler

In striped shirt - Percy Kalt, with bow in air - Norman Paulu,
far left, half of Jack Monchecourt.

Onward with Kids
Unfazed by his disonorable discharge, Onward meets a new generation.
(Alan Cronauer directly in front of bear, Greig Cronauer in back row,
red shirt with white stripes, both now with families of their own)

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