Stuttgart Opera
Stuttgart Opera House (Staatstheater), 1955 - a place very
familiar to many members. We never played there, but often
attended opera performances there when we were in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Bahnhof
Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, 1955 - the city hub, but also very familiar
to the orchestra because of weekend excursions and furloughs. For
many of us it was the last glimpse of Stuttgart when leaving for home.

Planned Stuttgart Bahnhof

Model of the planned Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, still with the familiar tower and main building. The tracks will be underground, at right angles to the current tracks, so it will be a through station (Durchgangsbahnhof) and no longer an end station (Kopfbahnhof). Above the tracks will be a huge new plaza, pierced by big, eye-shaped wells providing light and ventilation. The new station, part of the Stuttgart 21 project, will have beautiful space age organic curves, but Germans equally love their old railway station (designed by Paul Bonatz), which will be partially razed, and the project is enormously expensive, so there is a lot of opposition.