The Sylvan Theater
(Photos and text courtesy of Bill Merrell, Tuba)

The Movie Theater at Patch Barracks in very late Feb. 1959 (or early March?). There were some tryouts to replace Ed Alley as conductor. On the podium may be Howie Wasserman, who tried out, but lost to Nico Snell.

Sylvan Theater Rehearsal

In the audience (back turned, suspenders) is "the Wick" (Capt. Gotowicki). Others unknown or unrecognizeable, except the lady, who is (a) Dick Greenfields's wife (b) Elliot Polland's wife (c) Felix Skowronek's wife (d) somebody's I have forgotten having a wife. The only thing I'm sure of is that she is somebody's wife (a very nice lady; all of them were).

Sylvan Theater Rehearsal
(1st 2 violas: Elliot Polland and Ra Scavelli (I think).