The Foodimobile
(Picture and story by Ted Hughart)

The Foodimobile
(Taken in front of our Wohnung at Sonnenbergstrasse 34, Sindelfingen)
From l. to r., Bud Boerner, bass, proud new owner of the Foodimobile; Don MacCourt, bassoon, inspecting the engine room; my (ex)wife, Laurie, examining the hood; my brother, Jim (then of the percussion section, later played bass); Marcy Hartshorn (seated lower right) wife of Larry Hartshorn, oboe/eng. horn. Partially visible grey haired man in front of her is our landlord, Oskar Hrner, then in his 22nd year as a tool maker at Daimler/Benz.

This car was in the orchestra for several years, passed down from "old cat" to "new cat." When I joined the orch. the car was owned by Dick Foodim, viola. I don't think Dick was the first orch. member to own the car, but someone thought it was a great idea to name the car after him. The original light blue paint had long since deteriorated to powder, and as fenders got munched one by one they were replaced with whatever was available cheap. One fender on the other side was red and the rear fender on this side was white with splotches of primer. Fender supports (among many other things) were rusted away and 2 or 3 of the wheels were horribly out of balance, so watching the Foodimobile hammer down the Autobahn with fenders flapping and wheels pounding madly was always hysterical. We loved the car - the natives were horrified.

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