7th Army Symphony:  Chronology


Date Event Conductor Concertmaster
1952 April General Palmer gives Adler the OK to form the orchestra Sam Adler Harold Levine
  July 6 First public concert, in Göppingen   Peter Schaffer
  July Farewell concert for Eisenhower, Heidelberg.  Adler gets officer's jacket    
  July - August Tour of Germany    
  Aug 30 - Sept 21 Passau Europäische Wochen (Marriage of Figaro)    
  Nov Adler discharged, orchestra disbands    
1953 Spring Auditions held for new conductor, orchestra reformed Andrew Heath Lewis Kaplan
  July 17 Heath's first concert, in Stuttgart, with soloist Hermann Prey    
  Aug 7 - Sept 1 Dixon appointed to conduct at the Passau Europäische Wochen James Dixon  
  Fall Tour of Germany and Austria, then the orchestra effectively disbands again.    
  December Dimitri Mitropoulos visits the orchestra, meets with Gen. McAuliffe, goes to the Pentagon on return to US    
1954 March 2 General McAuliffe issues order formally establishing the 7th Army Symphony Orchestra, leading to the influx of many new members    
  March Plummer arrives, becomes co-concertmaster   Stanley Plummer, Lewis Kaplan
  May Orchestra reconstituted    
  June 30 Paulu arrives, shares the concertmaster position   Stanley Plummer, Lewis Kaplan, Norman Paulu
  July Schermerhorn appointed conductor, gives his debut concert in the Frankfurt Zoo Kenneth Schermerhorn  
  Summer Concerts in Germany and Austria, with soloist Charles Rosen    
  Aug 21 - Sept 6 Passau Europäische Wochen (Fidelio)    
  ??? Farewell concert for Gen. McAuliffe    
  Fall, continuing for about a year Norman Paulu, Ron Valpreda, Paul McEnderfer, Al Gove, Jake Berg, and Henry Huttenbach form the 7ASO Chamber Ensemble, play some 20 concerts    
1955 February NATO Tour starts: 8 concerts in France, 17 in Italy, and 8 in Great Britain, with soloists Stanley Plummer and Norman Paulu    
  April Lewis Kaplan leaves; Plummer and Paulu continue to share the concertmaster chair   Stanley Plummer, Norman Paulu
  May NATO tour ends.  Staples becomes concertmaster   Alan Staples
  June 5 Ronald Ondrejka appointed conductor, gives his first concert in Heidelberg Ronald Ondrejka  
  August Danish tour, second French tour with soloist Charles Rosen   Philipp Naegele
  December Orchestra becomes the first American orchestra to perform a live concert on German radio    
1956 March 5 Henry Lewis appointed conductor Henry Lewis  
  Spring, summer Tours to Holland and Luxembourg    
  Fall Passau for a single concert with soloist June Kovach   Harris Goldman
  October Greek tour    
1957 January Ling Tung appointed conductor.  During his tenure the orchestra grows to almost 100 members Ling Tung  
  February Orchestra's television debut on the German Television Network in Berlin   Elliott Golub
  March 1 Orchestra made a full company (no longer provisional)    
  Spring French tour, during which orchestra gets dress blue uniforms    
  August Richard Berman takes over as concertmaster   Richard Berman
  Fall Appearance at the Passau Festival.
Tour of northern Germany, including Berlin.
  Oct 13 Antal Dorati appears as guest conductor in Stuttgart    
  November Serious bus crash near Heidelberg injures 5 musicians    
1958 April 9 Alley appointed conductor Edward Lee Alley  
  ??? Seventh Army Radio Orchestra formed    
  July 23, 25 Samuel Adler returns to guest conduct the orchestra in Regensburg and Tübingen    
  September Richard Berman leaves; Elliott Golub again made concertmaster   Elliott Golub
  Oct 10, 11, 12 Orchestra plays at the Brussels Worlds Fair, which Canarina calls the peak of its career   Robert Bloch
1959 April Nico Snel appointed conductor Nico Snel  
  Spring Italian tour    
  June Holloway and Nagata share the concertmaster chair   Homer Holloway, George Nagata
  August Canarina, Ferritto appointed co-conductors John Canarina, John Ferritto  
  Oct. 12 Canarina's debut concert in Heidelberg    
1960 February Two week residency in West Berlin, Ferritto steps down as conductor John Canarina  
  March James Dumm becomes concertmaster   James Dumm
  May Italian tour, during which "Fingers Paganini" is arrested for violin theft    
  July George Orner becomes concertmaster   George Orner
  Fall Ralph Lane becomes the conductor Ralph Lane  
  December Lt. Bunger, the first officer conductor, takes over for a few concerts. Lt. Reid Bunger  
    Shettle becomes the conductor Capt. Arthur Shettle  
1961 Spring??? Raphael Feinstein becomes concertmaster   Raphael Feinstein
  August 1 Shettle relieved, Mobley takes over as conductor William A. Mobley  
  December John Covelli steps in as conductor in Hamburg.  Soon afterwards, Lewis becomes co-conductor John Covelli, Thomas Lewis  
1962 Jan 24 General Clarke signs the official disbandment order, effective March 31    
  March 11 Orchestra plays its last concert, in Köln    
1 Most of the material for this chart came from John Canarina's book Uncle Sam's Orchestra: Memories of the Seventh Army Symphony.  Several of the concertmasters and other 7ASO members also contributed useful information.

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