7th Army Symphony
Photos from 1953-1954
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(Courtesy of Kenneth DeRosier, Trumpet)
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Unless otherwise indicated, all descriptions are left to right

Gen. McAuliffe, James Dixon
General Anthony McAuliffe
shakes hands with James Dixon (circa 1953)
Jim & Dave
Berlin, 1954 - James Blethroad, Dave Moore

Dinner Party
Dinner Party
(Sitting - unknown person), Kenneth DeRosier, unknown person (did he handle public relations?),
Earl North, German waitress, Lyle Wolfrom, Regis Cronauer, Harvey Elledge

1954 Concert
View from the back of the orchestra
Kenneth Schermerhorn conducts a 1954 concert, probably in Stuttgart

Wind Section
Jack Coan, Kenneth DeRosier, Lloyd Greenberg,
Don Black, Harvey Adams, Earl North (hidden), Abby Mayer
(back row) Ron Rhodes, "Fuzzy?", Dave Moore

Lew Kaplan
Another concertmaster from 1953-55, Lewis Kaplan
Jerry Pollack is seated in foreground

Party Group
Ken DeRosier, unknown person, Clifford Voight, Earl North,
Lyle Wolfrom, Regis Cronauer, Oscar Hauser, Harvey Elledge, reclining

Stuck Trombones
Not normally like this -
Mel Flanzman, Jim Mabry, John Leite
Ken DeRosier
Kenneth DeRosier, practicing trumpet

Dixon Receives Award
Conductor James Dixon receives an award

Orchestra Party
We spent a fair amount of time entertaining ourselves and others with
readings of Bavarian band music. This often occurred at the brewery
in Vaihingen. Standing trombones are John Leite and Mel Flanzman.
Seated trombone is Jim Mabry.   Kenneth DeRosier in beret with trumpet.
Note beer within reach of horn player.

Stan Plummer
Another orchestra party - Concertmaster Stanley Plummer plays.

Jim Dixon at party
Conductor Jim Dixon speaks at orchestra party.

Jim Blethroad
James Blethroad, one of the few Air Force people in 7ASO.
He played what seemed to be the world's largest viola.
No one has been able to locate Jim. Please help if you can.

The symphony spent a lot of time waiting......
Don Koch, unknown, James Blethroad, Gary Beswick, Ronald Rose

Berliner Zug
Always a big event -
the overnight train to Berlin from Frankfurt, 1954

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