7th Army Symphony
More Photos from 1953-1954
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(Courtesy of Kenneth DeRosier, Trumpet)
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Recreation time - John Leite & James Mabry in pensive mood

Midhat, Dave, John, Ken
On the road -
Midhat Serbagi, Dave Moseley, John Leite, Kenneth DeRosier

More of the Road Gang
The late Lloyd Greenberg, David Mosely, Don Black,?, Mel Flanzman

Conductor & Brass
Conductor Schermerhorn talks to the Brass, 1954

International Relations at Work
Historic Stuttgart -
Kevork Fags helps international relations

Don & Kevork
Don Koch checks his light meter - Kevork Fags just waits

Autobahn Rest Stop
This should bring back some memories -
orchestra members enjoying the healthful open-air
rest facilities along the Autobahn

Ken & Ron
Kenneth DeRosier & Ronald Rose in France
We've been unable to locate Ronald H. Rose - any help is welcome -
he was probably active in the Los Angeles area after service.

New Year's Eve - 1953
New Year's Eve at the brewery -
1954 is welcomed by Clifford Voight,
Kenneth DeRosier, unknown person, Earl North
Harvey Elledge
Bruce Harvey Elledge - the bare knuckles
approach to violin playing

Orchestra in Mannheim
Mannheim, a familiar scene on the road -
Jim Blethroad in dark coat, Don Koch standing near bus.

Fred Hahnl
A thoughtful Fred Hahnl
Jim & Ken
Jim Blethroad & Ken DeRosier

Ken & Stan
Kenneth Schermerhorn conducts, Stanley Plummer soloist
G.I. audience, location unknown (probably 1954)

Mannheim Concert
Mannheim concert, James Dixon conductor -
note groupies, upper right (1954)

Orchestra Party
Kenneth Schermerhorn, David Amram & James Mabry -
seated is the late Donald Button

Another Orchestra Party
K. Fags kissing Pat at the orchestra party.
Civilian Patricia Connor sang many performances of
The Telephone with the orchestra.

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