Photos by Bill Love
(Oboe, 1956-59)

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Unless otherwise indicated, all descriptions are left to right

Bill Love
Bill Love
(Oboe - 1956, 1959)

7ASO Woodwinds
Front row: Henry Schuman & Fred Grunebaum, Oboe.
Back row: William McColl, Clarinet & Arthur Grossman, Bassoon.
Probably taken latter part of '57 or in '58.
Thanks to Mel Ponzi and Arthur Grossman for ID's.

Battle of the Titans
One of the ongoing chess games -
Oboists Fred Gruenebaum and Bill Love battle it out.

Intermission Horns
A familiar sight at both rehearsals and concerts.

7ASO in rehearsal
The 7th Army Symphony, probably a concert in Berlin, 1957
Arthur Grossman, Bassoon - John Scecina, Horn - Ling Tung Conductor.
ID's by Mel Ponzi, concert location computed by Chris Earnest.

A votre Sant !
Somewhere in France
Listening are Steve McGhee, Richard Rusack and Norbert Siegel.

7ASO Quartet
1957 or 1958 - .
Victor Hickman (?), Howard Hillyer, Ernie Matchulat, Bill Love

7ASO off guard
(Location unknown), 1958
This looks like the usual horseplay that went on
whenever the orchestra had to wait for something.
Shown here are Lt. Frank Maguire (Escort Officer)
and the late Bill Rian (Trombone)

Lt. Maguire
Escort Officer Frank Maguire enjoys a treat -
The orchestra often traveled in civies ....
alledgedly to keep our uniforms immaculate.....
photo taken 1957 or 1958

Joe & Howard
(Location unknown)
Joe Cleveland (Viola) and Howard Hillyer (Horn) in mufti.

Passau Church
St. Stephan's Cathedral (1688) - Passau, Germany
It has the largest cathedral organ in the world

Symphonic Prisoners
1958 or 1959 - Passau, Germany .
BIll Love - Ed Alley at Passau Castle

More of the same .
BIll Love - Ed Alley at Passau Castle

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