Photos by Bill Love
(Oboe, 1956-59)

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Unless otherwise indicated, all descriptions are left to right

3 Rivers meet
Passau - confluence of the Ilse, Inse and Danube Rivers

View of Freiburg
Freiburg, Germany - about 1958

At a Berlin checkpoint.

d Unknown Person
Unidentified person from 1956-59

Ling Tung conducts 7ASO
(Photo a bit unclear, but of historical interest)
Ling Tung conducts the orchestra -
Location unknown - picture was probably taken during 1957

Acting Up
The orchestra worked very hard at times -
this was offset by occasional fooling around -
this group had to be from 1957 or 1958, but aside
from that, not much is known about the occasion.

Refreshment Time
The photo archives show several scenes like this.
Somehow, there always seems to be a beer bottle on the table,
and often, a filled ashtray. Today, the beer would still be there!
Apologies for any confusion about ID's in this photo -\
thanks to Bill Love, Edward Alley & Mel Ponzi for corrections:
(l. to r.) John Williams, Fred Gruenebaum, Bob Rushford

Unknown Group
Looks like some special occasion for our players,
To the right of the waitress is Bob Davidson, Viola
partly hidden by her head & shadow might be David Njaa, Viola.
(These ID's from Mel Ponzi).

Bus Wreck
On the road things did not always go smoothly -
this tour bus overturned on Nov. 22, 1957.

Symphony Swimmers
This seems to be a recreational moment on tour -
the various muscle men are not identified.
(3/10/08: some ID's provided by Mel Ponzi:
far left - Steve McGhee, center - Keith Bryan (the tall one), far right - Alan Cisco.

Street scene - Aix-en-Provence (1958)

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