7th Army Symphony Orchestra
The 2004 Reunion -
Minneapolis, Minn. - July 16, 17, 18

Individuals & Small Groups
All descriptions are left to right, unless otherwise indicated
(Photos courtesy of R.A. Jones)

Luncheon Group
Ernie Matchulat and Jim Shoush standing
Reunion Luncheon
Rightmost 2 people - Stuart Dempster & Fred Shoup

Reunion Group
Lunch - The Goldmans, the Lindquists, and the Overlands

RA Jones,
Sheridon & Annie Stokes
David Furholmen
David Furholmen,
'Cello, 1956 - 58

Chamber Group
Part of WW Quintet -
Sheridon Stokes, Don Draganski, Jim Shoush
Rest of Chamber Group
Other part of WW Quintet
Jim Shoush, Helmut Nestler, Harlow Hopkins

Felix Skowronek
Felix Skowronek
Flute, 1957 - 59
Jim Shoush
Jim Shoush
Horn, 1960-62

Helmut Nestler
Helmut Nestler
Oboe, 1959 - 62
Don Draganski
Don Draganski
Bassoon, 1960 - 62

String Quartet
Fred Shoup, Anita Thomason, RA Jones, Dan Thomason

Ben Hord
Ben Hord - Escort Officer
Stu Dempster
Stuart Dempster - Trombone, 1959-60

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