The 55th Anniversary Reunion
August 17, 18, 19 - Columbus, Ohio
Banquet & Miscellaneous Photos
(All descriptions left to right, unless otherwise indicated)
Reunion Registration

Photo: Mel Ponzi

The reunion attendees are especially grateful to Mel and Betsy Ponzi, whose Herculean efforts over a couple of years led to a very successful, well-run, very enjoyable reunion. Thanks also to these others on the Reunion Group who contributed their time and effort:
Charles Briefer, Program Notes
Gerald Pollack, Concert Announcer
Tom Slattery, Master of Ceremonies, Banquet
Jack Monchecourt, Relentless Phoning

Thanks to these sponsors as well:
Otterbein College, Dept. of Music Concert Venue & Stage Hands
Crown Mercedes Benz, Dublin, OH Moving Piano
John Mecray Graphic Designs - Posters
Patio Print and Promotions - Programs
AMVETS Career Center, Columbus, OH - Programs
The Loft Violin Shop Loan of the Contrabasses
The Piano Gallery Piano for hospitality room
Heidelberg Distributing - Wine
Central Beverage - Beer
Urban Express Transportation - Buses
Dr. Pepper Soft Drinks for hospitality room
Krogers Cake centerpieces at banquet
Flowers by Doris Floral Arrangements
Colonial Music Music Folders
Brent Hauck - Cash
James Strouse - Cash
Richard Schreck - Cash

And finally, thanks to Ron Rhodes, whose 7ASO web site kept us all up to date on reunion news throughout.
Photos: Don Hancock and Mel Ponzi
Mel Ponzi
Betsy Ponzi
The Ponzis welcome everyone

Betsy Ponzi
Memorabilia in the Hospitality Room

Getting Reacquainted

Photo: Don Hancock
Andrix and Monchecourt
George Andrix and Jack Monchecourt

Photo: Don Hancock
Old Friends Get Reacquainted at the "Old Cats Bash"

Photo: Mel Ponzi
No party is complete without appetizers

Photo: Don Hancock
Shoush and Goldman
Hornists Jim Shoush and Alan Goldman

Photo: Don Hancock
Adam Pinsker swaps stories with a friend

Photo: Mel Ponzi
Conductors' table
Conductors' table at the Bash:  Arno Drucker,
John Canarina, Bob Jones, Sam Adler, Edward Alley

The Banquet

Photo: Mel Ponzi
Mel and Betsy Ponzi
Mel and Betsy Ponzi show
how to dress for dinner

Photo: Jerry Pollack
Sam Adler
Aller Anfang ist schwer:
Sam Adler tells how it all started
(Video courtesy of David Furholmen)
Photo: Jerry Pollack
The Banquet Hall

Photo: Mel Ponzi
Ben Hord
Ben Hord had an inexhaustible
stock of anecdotes

Relaxing after the Concert

Photo: Don Hancock
Don Hancock
Don Hancock alone on stage
(before or after the concert?)
Photo: Barbara Hedlund
Furholmen and Marilyn Montzka
Marilyn Montzka (widow of 7ASO member
Art Montzka) and David Furholmen

Photo: Barbara Hedlund
David Furholmen and Jim Shoush
David Furholmen shares a beer with Jim Shoush

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