The 50th Anniversary Reunion

7th Army Symphony Orchestra Concert
2 PM September 30, 2001 - Dayspring Convention Center - Lancaster, New Hampshire

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Intro (4:18) Overture to der Freischütz (9:31)  Carl Maria von Weber [1786-1826]
Ralph Lane, Conductor

Concerto for Horn in Eb K.445 (16:37)  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1756-1791]
Allegro, Romanza, Rondo

Samuel Adler, Conductor; Abby Mayer, Horn

Intro (2:49) Concertino for Clarinet & Orchestra (7:28)  Jack Monchecourt [1929- ]
Tres Calme, Illusions

Samuel Adler, Conductor; Jack Monchecourt, Clarinet

Symphony No. 8 in B minor ("Unfinished") (20:26)    Franz Schubert [1797-1828]
Allegro Moderato, Andante Con Moto

Samuel Adler, Conductor


Intro (1:44) East/West for Viola & Orchestra (11:57)  David Irving [1935- ]
World Premiere

Ralph Lane, Conductor; Midhat Serbagi, Viola

Intro (3:23) Theme & Variations on "Red River Valley" (11:59)  David Amram [1930- ]
David Amram, Conductor; Jacob Berg, Flute

Tuning (0:32) Romanza for Violin & Orchestra (12:15)  Antonin Dvorak [1841-1904]
Ralph Lane, Conductor; Norman Paulu, Violin

Prelude to "Die Meistersinger" (10:30)  Richard Wagner [1813-1883]
John Canarina, Conductor

Photos in this section courtesy of Don Hancock

Dayspring Center
Dayspring Convention Center &mdash venue for banquet, rehearsals, and concert

Concluding Selection
John Canarina leads the full orchestra in the Prelude to Die Meistersinger

7ASO Strings
The string section - a study in concentration. . . .

Soloist Monchecourt
Jack Monchecourt - both composer and soloist
"Concertino for Clarinet & Orchestra"

Jake Berg, Dave Amram take a bow
Soloist Jacob Berg and Conductor/Composer David Amram
share the applause - Theme & Variations on "Red River Valley"

Norman Paulu
Norman Paulu plays Dvorak
Midhat Serbagi
Midhat Serbagi plays Irving

Applause for All
The end of this historic concert

Applause for 7ASO
The 7th Army Symphony acknowledges another ovation.

Photos in this section courtesy of Don Black

Clarinet Section
The concert clarinetists -
Don Black, Jack Monchecourt, Jerry Mattson

Photos in this section courtesy of Chris & Sally Earnest

Full Orchestra
Another view of the concert

Photos in this section courtesy of Jerry Pollack

Mozart Horn Concerto
Samuel Adler conducts the Mozart Horn Concerto # 3, Abby Mayer, soloist

Dave Amram - Jake Berg
Theme & Variations on Red River Valley
Composer/Conductor Amram addresses audience before performance -
Jacob Berg, flute soloist, stands ready

Jerry Pollack, MC
MC, Jerry Pollack introduces Soloist & Composer Jack Monchecourt

Photos in this section courtesy of Michael Comins

7ASO Brass Section
The 7th Army Symphony Brass section awaits their cue

East/West premiere
Ralph Lane conducts the premiere of Dave Irving's "East/West" -
Midhat Serbagi is viola soloist

Dvorak Romanza
Dvorak's Romanza for Violin & Orchestra
Ralph Lane, conductor - Norman Paulu, soloist, standing at left

Photos in this section courtesy of Mel Ponzi

Brass Section
50 years have not silenced the 7ASO Brass!

Abby Mayer
Abby Mayer - really concentrating on his part
David Furholmen
David Furholmen doing the same

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