The 50th Anniversary Reunion
September 28, 29, 30 2001 - Lancaster, New Hampshire

Banquet & Misc. Photos
(All descriptions left to right, unless otherwise indicated)
The Reunion Committee

Charles Briefer
(Photo by Don Hancock)
Reg & Ab
Regis Cronauer Site
Abby Mayer Concert
(Photo by Ron Rhodes)
Ron Rhodes
(Photo by Don Black)

The committee is grateful to the many members that contributed their time and effort -
Enlistees and draftees
Snail Mailings: Adam Pinsker, Earn Groner, Bill Merrell, Norman Paulu.
Finders of Lost Sheep: Charles Briefer, Harold Britten, John Canarina, Mike Comins, Marcel Demiranda, Don Draganski, Kevork K. Fags, David Furholmen, Jeff Fraser, Alan H. Goldman, Don Hancock, Don Harrow, Howard Hillyer, Charley Hoag, Al Howard, Ted Hughart, Dave Irving, Bob Johnson, Edward Lindquist, Bill Merrell, Jack Monchecourt, George Papich, Jerry Pollack, Mel Ponzi, Carl Rubis, Doug Sax, David Seeley, Sheridon Stokes, Dan Thomason, Dick Trombley, Lyle Wolfrom.

The mailers and lost sheep finders contributed significantly to the reunion.
Photos in this section courtesy of Don Hancock

John Canarina
John Canarina

3 Caballeros
Grant Hagestedt, Curtis Robinson, Don Hancock

Ursula & Ralph
Ursula and Ralph Lane

Photos in this section courtesy of Chris & Sally Earnest

Leonard & Mike
Leonard Berkal & Mike Comins
Marilyn & Earl
Marilyn & Earl Mitchell

Bob Johnson & Maggie
Bob Johnson & friend Maggie
Banquet Table
Conviviality was evident at the tables -
(table hopping) Ron Rhodes,
(seated) Jake & Darrell Berg, Sally Earnest

Photos in this section courtesy of Bernie & Clem Fleshler

Cpl. Rich Blum
Richard Blum
Ann, Roger, Tom
Roger Macchiaroli & friend Ann Zekow,
Tom Slattery

John, Ellen, Bob
John Canarina, Ellen & Robert Eliason
Adam & Judy
Adam & Judith Pinsker

Donna & Ted
Donna & Ted Kaitchuck

M/Sgt. Regis
Site Coordinator Regis Cronauer -
receives reunion gift at banquet

Banquet Group
One of the many banquet tables

Banquet Table
Another table at the reunion banquet -
sunset over the White Mountains

Jim & Linda
Jim and Linda Mabry
Ralph & Abby
Ralph Lane and Abby Mayer discuss
concert details over clam chowder.

After the Reunion
The last evening - some groups lingered for small get-togethers
Here some 1954-55 people assemble for a late supper.

Photos in this section courtesy of Don Black

Jerry Smith & Foliage
Oboist Jerry Smith photographs the autumn scenery
3 Leaf Peepers
The Leaf Peeper tour -
Jerry Smith, Jerry Mattson, John Hitchings

Photos in this section courtesy of Jerry Pollack

John Canarina
Banquet Program - John Canarina speaks

Photos in this section courtesy of Michael Comins

Richard Kimball chats with Simone Levy and her daughter Tamar. Simone is the daughter of the late Leonard Lichow (violin 1953-54).
Jerry & Patricia
Jerry & Patricia Pollack

Abby Mayer Greets Troops
The first evening - Abby Mayer
announces an early morning rehearsal -
greeted with grumbling in best 7ASO sytle
Rich & Martha Blum
Richard & Martha Blum at the banquet -
Rich played in the first 7ASO in 1952

Bernie & Clem
Clementina Fleshler joins husband
Bernard, a charter member, at banquet table.
Veterans Midhat & Bill
Midhat Serbagi & charter member Bill Gaffney -
from the very early days of the 7th Army Symphony

Charles & Sylvia
Charles & Sylvia Briefer
The Staples
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Staples

Nancy & Sally
The 1st evening - the Hospitality Room
Nancy Rhodes and Sally Earnest

1954-55 Group
Paul McEnderfer, the late Donald Havas, Adam Pinsker

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