The 50th Anniversary Reunion
September 28, 29, 30 2001 - Lancaster, New Hampshire

Group Portraits
(All descriptions left to right, unless otherwise indicated)
The 1956 & 1957 Group -
Front row: John Williams, Harvey Boatright, ??, Carl Rubis,
Richard Rusak, Dave Sweetkind, Jerome Magill, ??
Back Row: Harris Goldman, David Furholmen, Bob Quinn, Keith Bryan,
?? Bob Eliason,Charlie Hoag (hidden), Mel Ponzi
(Photo courtesy of Mel Ponzi)

Abby, Earl, Lyle
1954-55 players meet again before rehearsal.
(Abby Mayer, Earl North, Lyle Wolfrom)
(Photo courtesy of Don Black)

1954-55 Bunch
Midhat Serbagi, Earl Mitchell, Don Black, Don Harrow
(Photo courtesy of Don Black)

1954-55 group
Members of the 1954-55 orchestra - Don Black, Alan Staples,
Midhat Serbagi, Chris Earnest, Don Havas, Ron Rhodes
(Photo courtesy of Don Black)

Mike & Rich
Rehearsal chat - Mike Brucato and Richard Blum
(Photo courtesy of Bernie & Clem Fleshler)

Marcus & Jack
Marcus Kalipolites & Jack Monchecourt
listen to announcements, possibly
about early morning rehearsal?

Darrell & Jake Berg (1954-55),
Clem & Bernie Fleshler (1952-54)
Both Bernie (charter member) and Jake
played in the "early" orchestra

(Photos courtesy of Bernie & Clem Fleshler)

Reunion Group
Happy Campers -
Sylvia Kalipolites, Judith & Bill Gaffney,
Bernie & Clem Fleshler
Charter Members
Some of the charter 7ASO members -
Samuel Adler, Bill Gaffney, Marcus Kalipolites,
Bernie Fleshler, Mike Brucato

(Photos courtesy of Bernie & Clem Fleshler)

Old Comrades
Freddie Mills, Judith & Bill Gaffney
(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

1954-55 Group
Players from 1954-55   (clockwise from l.)
Jake Berg, Dave Newman, Jerry Pollack, Paul McEnderfer
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Pollack)
1954-55 Group
More 1954-55 musicians
Midhat Serbagi, David Amram, Chris Earnest, Michael Comins
(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

Reunion Group
Intermission at the Sunday concert
Curtis Robinson, Don Hancock, Ramon Scavelli, Ted Hughart
(Photo courtesy of Don Hancock)

Reunion Group
James Dumm, Don Hancock, Homer Holloway, John Canarina, Tom Slattery
(Photo courtesy of Don Hancock)

3 Caballeros
Robert A. Jones, Ed Kechejian, Dave Seeley
(Photo courtesy of Don Hancock)

Donna & Paul
Donna and Paul Hilgeman
(Photo courtesy of Don Hancock)

The 2 Daves
7ASO Composers were important to the reunion -
David Amram and David Irving compare notes
(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

Unofficial Dinner
There were many unofficial gatherings like this 1954-55 group -
Jacob Berg, Sylvia & Charles Briefer, Midhat Serbagi,
Michael Comins & Darrell Berg
(Photo courtesy of Michael Comins)

Chris and Don
Stalwarts of 1954-55 -
Chris Earnest & Don Black
Chris, Ron, Frank
Hornplayers -
Chris Earnest, Ron Rhodes, Frank Franano
Chris displays collection of Abziehbilder
(Photos courtesy of Chris Earnest)

Dave, Ron, Chris
Veterans of the 1955 Nato tour -
Dave Irving, Ron Rhodes, Chris Earnest
(Photo courtesy of Chris Earnest)

Bunch from 1954
Players from the orchestra of 1954 -
(front) Bill Gaffney, Abby Mayer, Frank Franano, Charles Briefer, Earl North
(back) Chris Earnest, Midhat Serbagi, Dave Amram
(Photo courtesy of Chris Earnest)

Group with Alphorn
Early reunion arrivals
Dave Seeley, Midhat Serbagi, Abby Mayer, Nancy Rhodes, Regis Cronauer
Sara, Bill, Ed, Tom
Sara Kimball, Bill Merrell, Ed Jacobsen,
Tom Crown take breather at banquet

(Photos courtesy of Ron Rhodes)

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