7th Army Symphony

This site is dedicated to the players of the orchestra, which existed in Germany from 1952 to 1962, and is still remembered.   Clarinetist Jerry Mattson expresses it aptly: "I don't normally live in the past, but I have yet to come across anyone with a comparable experience to hark back to.  Those were strange and wonderful years."

In David Furholmen's video from the 2006 reunion, Sam Adler, founder and first conductor of the orchestra, tells the remarkable story of how it all began -- and how the orchestra "brought a message of peace and of friendship through the language of music to a large part of the world". For a 39-minute documentary film giving a fuller account of Sam's life and the beginnings of the orchestra, use this link and enter the password "adler2011".

Baumholder Baumholder

where the orchestra played
on October 27, 1954

September 27, 2020
As noted last week, the deaths over the years of a number of members have not been previously reported here or recorded on the site. In addition to those listed last week, these others have since been discovered (Raymond Friday by John Canarina), with dates of their passings and links to obituaries where available:

   Alan Popick (horn 1952) September 30, 2010 obituary
   Leon Oxman (percussion '57 - '59) June 13, 2014 obituary
   Robert Listokin (clarinet '57 - '58) May 18, 2016 obituary
   Paul McEnderfer (violin, viola 9/54 - 7/55) December 1, 2016 obituary
   Barry McDaniel (voice, percussion '56 - '57) June 2018 obituary
   Earl North (bassoon 7/53 - 5/55) September 26, 2018 obituary
   Karl Hildinger (violin '57 - '58) November 11, 2018 obituary
   William Venman (horn 4/53 - 1/54) March 16, 2019 obituary
   Raymond Friday (clarinet 3/59 - 8/60) May 16, 2019
   Frank Maguire (escort officer '57 - '58) July 3, 2020 obituary

May they long be remembered.
Books About the Orchestra or Orchestra Members:
Uncle Sam's Orchestra: Memories of the Seventh Army Symphony, by John Canarina (bass and conductor in 1959-60), 1998.  50 b/w illus., musical examples, 224 pages, 6 x 9, $79. Available via Print on Demand from Boydell & Brewer, 668 Mount Hope Avenue Rochester, NY 14620-2731, 585-275-0419. Former 7ASO members should be able to get a 25 per cent discount.
Kenneth Schermerhorn: He Will Always Be the Music, by Martha Rivers Ingram with D. B. Kellogg, 2006. 65 photos, 391 pages. (Ken played trumpet and conducted in 1953-55). Available online from Amazon and other sellers.
Also of interest are several books that include stories about the orchestra, by David Amram, Michael Colgrass, and John Sant'Ambrogio.
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Robert Listokin
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Leon Oxman
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