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7th Army Symphony Old Photo Gallery

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1959 - 1961

Courtesy of Ted Hughart, Bass
The Foodimobile   - A crashbox VW from the very early 1950's (photo & tale)

Courtesy of Mike Yoksh, Typewriter
Formal Orchestra Portraits   - Probably taken about 1960 (2 photos)
1955 - 1960

Courtesy of Carol Bernhardt
Donald Bernhardt & Friends (several photos pending)

Courtesy of Harold Britten, Bassoon
People from 1955-56 (8 photos)

Courtesy of Marcel Demiranda, Horn
Bay Parties   - Troops, Conductors, Food, Beer! (several photos)
Kaput Mercedes   - At time of this photo, it was not running. A "community" purchase.
Post Beautification   - at Patch, circa 1959
Proper Inspection Form   - Shown by Aubrey Facenda (Horn), prior to mustering out, 1960-c.
Service Days & Later   - Some faces from the old days; some from after service. (several photos)

Courtesy of Alan Goldman, Horn
Various people from 1957-58   (many photos)

Courtesy of Fred Gruenebaum, Oboe
Adventures from 1955 - 58   (many photos)

Courtesy of Don Hancock, Violin
Emergency Landing in France   - an unexpected stop in Lyon. (2 photos)
The Orchestra plays the World's Fair   - Edward Lee Alley, Cond., Brussels, 1958.

Courtesy of Jules M. Hirsh, Bass
7ASO Program   - An orchestra program from January, 1959

Courtesy of Homer Holloway, Violin
Formal Portrait   - U.S. Army Photo

Courtesy of R. A. Jones, 'Cello
Alten Kameraden   - Sheridon Stokes (Flute) & Robert A. Jones ('Cello) - California 11/26/03

Courtesy of William Love, Oboe
Some Scenic Shots   - from Bill's slide collection. (1 photo, more coming)

Courtesy of Barry McDaniel, Voice & Percussion
Stuttgart Dance

Courtesy of Bill Merrell, Tuba
Zum Sonneneck   - a Vaihingen landmark.
Woodwind Quintet   - formal portrait.
Conductor Audition   - in the Sylvan Theater at Patch Barracks (2 photos)
Bill Merrell and Friends   - under the barrels (l. to r.) are Aubrey Facenda and Jim Shoush, immortalized by a Berlin (?) street photographer.
Murals in the Day Room?   - (several photos).
Groundskeeping   - Spring, 1959 (2 photos & text).
Nancy, France   - or on the way there. 7ASO guy may be Dick Kimball. We tried to make out at every opportunity. The girl was rather pretty. The old Frenchman was a dubious "bonus." Note the wool socks for sale!
Misc. Photos   - 7ASO musicians in rehearsal (several photos)

Courtesy of Mel Ponzi, Bass
Photos from 1956 - 1958

Courtesy of Myron Rosenblum, Viola
Newspaper Article   - about Brooklynites in the 7ASO - 1957 Brooklyn Eagle
Portraits from 1957-58 - (several photos)
Somewhere in Germany   - John Sant'Ambrogio (Cello) - Myron Rosenblum
The Italian Contingent   - (Partial)
Orchestra Poster   - Passau Festival, (from 1957)
Formal Photo   - The 1958 Orchestra in Dress Blues, Edward Lee Alley, Cond.
The Orchestra Set-Up   - At the Liederhalle, Stuttgart, (57-58).
Guest Conductor   - Antal Dorati rehearses for 1957 concert.

Courtesy of Ramon L. Scavelli, Viola
Ramon on the firing-line   - July, 1959. That year the orchestra was ordered to go out on the rifle range and qualify with carbines. Luckily, we were our own score keepers and we qualified as one of the top companies at Patch Barracks. We all received Sharpshooter and Expert medals to the amazement of the Patch Brass.

Courtesy of James Shoush, Horn
Photos from 1958 - 59 (4 photos)

Courtesy of Dan Thomason, Viola
Wedding at Patch   - Dan and Anita (2 photos)
Christmas Celebration   - The Stuttgart Orphan Children's Home.
7ASO guys brought each child a gift. (l.) Percy "Tom" Fenn III (Viola), (r.) Dan Thomason.
The Facendamobil   - another distinctive vehicle. (2 photos)
Wurst und Bier   - Dan tries out the Nürnberg version (es schmeckt gut!)
Dan's "Apartment" at Patch   - All 7ASO members will recognize this for what it is.
Chamber Music at Patch   - Quartet Rehearsal (several photos).
Various Snapshots   - a few 7ASO faces (several photos).
1952 - 1955

Courtesy of several 7ASO members
Photos from the old days Page 1   - A collection by Kenneth Derosier
Photos from the old days Page 2   - More photos by Kenneth DeRosier (all Ken's pix now on 2 pages)
The NATO Tour   - Feb. through May, 1955. We believed it would never happen, but it did - France, Italy, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, & Wales - these photos are from Italy.
Brass Section  1955 - Trumpets & entire section.
The Orchestra of 1954 - 55.  : - photos from several members
The famous 7ASO Bears   - Forward & Onward (several photos)
Various People   - From the days of the "old, old" orchestra.
Slide Prints   - by Jerry Pollack.
The Old Brewery   - A landmark that is no longer the same.
The Passau Festival of 1954 - including the KPD.
1954 or earlier - several photos.
The 1952 Orchestra   - several Photos by Jack Monchecourt.
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